The Insider’s Guide To… Injectable Moisturiser (Are the PROFHILO Reviews All Hype?)

Generally, people are divided into one of two camps when it comes to PROFHILO® injectable moisturiser. Those who simply can’t read enough about the latest injectable moisturiser treatment and those who are struggling with the point of an injectable moisturiser ?. Whilst there have been a few Profhilo reviews extolling its virtues, we thought we’d

Sunday Vibes | Gothamista, Strawberries & More…

We’re well into Summer now and this week’s Sunday Vibes will be celebrating all things warm, glowy and sunny! Its been a busy patch for us on the blog and in the clinic. First, we’ve FINALLY named this section of the website. For over 2 years it remained simply as “The Blog” because I had

On Beauty, Work & Life: Reflections Of A Female Entrepreneur

I won’t lie; it’s not been easy being a female entrepreneur. I wasn’t expecting an easy time but running a startup is even harder than one imagines. Whilst I ‘ve been an entrepreneur my entire life – anyone who went to primary school will remember my foray into selling sweets which undercut the tuck shop