Do collagen supplements actually work?

Collagen supplements are often marketed as an easy way to boost levels of the very protein that regenerates your skin, hair and nails. They’re pretty much everywhere you look. In fact, it feels like you can’t move without a “wellness guru” preaching about the health and beauty effects of collagen supplements. Better still, there is

Tati Westbrook, James Charles & the Sugar Bears – The Ugly Side of the Online Beauty Community

The beauty community is no stranger to petty spats and its safe to say it has its fair share of controversial characters. It seems that barely a week goes by without someone being called out for some sort of socially unacceptable behaviour (past or present). Friendships come and go and allegiances are switched as regularly

First Kylie & Now Huda…. Are Lip Fillers Going Out Of Style?

Beauty enthusiasts were shocked to hear that Huda Kattan is getting her lip fillers removed in a tell-all video on YouTube. This combined with Kylie Jenner dissolving her fillers, has left everyone wondering are lip fillers going out of style? “From my personal experience, I don’t actually think I got the benefit that I was looking

Skin Food Saturday – DIY Under Eye Recipes & How To Up Your Self-Care Game

If you couldn’t already tell, this week we have been all about the eyes. Dark circles, bags and tear troughs are all very common concerns for men and women and have as many treatments as causes. Autumn is the ultimate season of change. We have given you our top skincare tips for the chillier, crisper