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Natural looking lip enhancement treatment with lip fillers in London. Define and augment your lips with dermal fillers performed by one of our experienced aesthetic doctors at our boutique clinic in the City of London.

Lip enhancement with dermal lip fillers at City Skin Clinic in London

At City Skin Clinic all of our treatments are performed by an expert aesthetic doctor who will design a bespoke treatment to ensure natural-looking results suited to your face. We only use the top brand of dermal filler (visit our products page for more information). Choose City Skin Clinic for:

  • Natural looking lip augmentation treatments
  • All treatments performed by expert doctor
  • Bespoke treatments completely tailored to you
  • Choice of numbing injection or cream for your comfort
  • Dedicated after-care and free follow up
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What can be achieved with a lip enhancement treatment using dermal fillers?

Our lip augmentation procedure uses lip fillers to define, enhance and volumise the lips. Briefly, our expert doctors can use lip fillers to:

  • Shape and define the lips
  • Augment the size and volume of the lips
  • Enhance outline and profile of your lips
  • Lift up the corners of the mouth
  • Smooth away wrinkles around the lip line
  • Plump and firm up ageing lips which have lost definition and volume
  • Correct lip unevenness and asymmetry

The possible uses of lip fillers are enormous which is why we always advocate bespoke lip enhancements at City Skin Clinic. This means that all of our lip augmentation treatments are tailored to the concerns, needs, appearance and goals of each of our clients.

How long do lip augmentation procedures last?

All of our lip enhancement treatments use dermal fillers. These are colourless gels which temporarily enhance the shape and volume of your lips. The results last for around 4-6 months but vary from person to person and can remain for up to 12 months before they are broken down and absorbed by your body. These dermal fillers can also be dissolved using an enzyme sooner if you wish.



What does the lip augmentation treatment at City Skin Clinic involve?

The Consultation: every single one of our clients (whether you are new or pre-existing) has a consultation with the expert doctor who will perform the procedure in our clinic in London. This allows you to get to know your doctor, ask as many questions about the procedure that you would like and also for the doctor to get to know you, make sure that the procedure is appropriate for you and design a bespoke lip augmentation treatment just for you. If you wish to have the procedure, you can either have it straight after the consultation or book in for another day.

Before the treatment: our doctor will go through the consent form with you, take photos for your medical records, cleanse your lips to ensure that the procedure is aseptic and apply numbing cream or perform a numbing injection (depends on your preference).

The procedure: once the doctor is happy that you are relaxed, comfortable and that the lips are numb, the procedure begins. The doctor will inject lip filler in order to define, shape and volumise your lips depending on the bespoke treatment they have designed for you.

After the treatment: immediately after the procedure the doctor will apply a balm to your lips and show you the results! They will take some photos for your medical records and go through the aftercare instructions. Your doctor will also give you a written copy of these instructions and let you go home to enjoy the results of your lip augmentation treatment!

How to book an appointment for your bespoke lip enhancement at City Skin Clinic

City Skin Clinic has become the byword for bespoke lip augmentation and aesthetic treatments in London. This is due to our extremely high satisfaction rates, attention to safety and detail, emphasis on natural looking and personalised results as well as the expertise of our doctors. If you would like to experience our bespoke lip augmentation treatment, book an appointment online with our expert doctor at City Skin Clinic in London.

Lip Augmentation Prices

Consultation £30

Our expert doctor will perform a detailed assessment of your face and design a bespoke treatment just for you. The consultation fee is deducted from the overall cost of treatment performed on the same day as the consultation.

Treatment with one syringe (0.55 ml) of lip filler £250

Our 0.55 ml treatment is perfect for top-ups and correction of asymmetry.

Treatment with one syringe (1 ml) of lip filler £350

1ml is enough to achieve a natural-looking enhancement of the shape and volume of the lips.

Treatment with one syringe (1 ml) of advanced longer lasting lip filler £450

Please visit our fees page for details of the products we use.

Book Your Expert Lip Enhancement Treatment Online

Bespoke lip filler treatments tailored to your overall lip and face shape for natural looking results

Treatment Time

30 Minutes

Duration of effect

4-6 Months

Back to Work

Same Day

What Our Patients Say

Our Expertise

I set up City Skin Clinic to improve the quality and safety of aesthetic procedures in London. We are now renowned for our bespoke lip augmentation treatments throughout the City of London. I am incredibly proud to say that my team continue to apply an holistic approach for every single client to achieve excellent results every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly your doctor will record your medical history and discuss areas of concern and potential treatment options that would be appropriate for you. Then she will design a personalised facial rejuvenation plan tailored to your needs. Since our appointment times are generous, you can be sure that you will receive the detailed advice on the most suitable treatment options for you. If you booked a "consultation and potential treatment" it is possible to have the treatment on the same day as the consultation as long as there are no medical contraindications and the treatment is appropriate for you. If you would like to proceed with the treatment, we will obtain your consent for the procedure and take pre-procedure photographs.
If you would like to proceed with the treatment, the doctor will apply numbing cream or a numbing injection to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure. When you are comfortable, your doctor will administer dermal filler with a very fine needle. The doses used will vary depending on the desired result although we will decide with you beforehand how many syringes of filler will be required to treat a specific problem area(s). Please visit our fees and products page for more information on the dermal fillers we use.
Although it varies between patients, it is normal to have swelling around the treated area particularly after dermal fillers. This swelling usually lasts for around a week (sometimes longer). As a result, we offer a free follow-up consultation within the first 4-6 weeks following your treatment. Additionally, we are happy to answer questions at any time by phone, e-mail or virtual consultation.
The effects of fillers normally last up to 4 to 6 months although this may be up to 12 months with the advanced range depending on your skin, the type of area injected and type of filler used. If for some reason you are unhappy with the result, we can reverse the effect of dermal fillers using Hyaluronidase injection. This is a service that we provide for free should our patients require it.
Please visit our specific treatment pages for detailed information about the treatments, products we use and fees. We also have a number of blog posts relating to beauty and our skin concerns pages will help you navigate which treatments are effective for certain aesthetic problems. You can also email us ([email protected]) for further information or book a virtual mini consultation!
Please note that you are paying for the treatment only and no guarantee is made of any outcome. Refunds cannot be given under any circumstances, as the product has been used and the service has been delivered.