POSTED: 14 Jul 2023

Where to get Hydroquinone Online in the UK

Hydroquinone is the most powerful skincare ingredient for treating hyperpigmentation and melasma. It effectively fades dark patches and evens out the skin tone. In the UK, Hydroquinone is a prescription only medicine. This means that you can only get Hydroquinone with a prescription from a Doctor or other licensed medical professional like a Dentist or Nurse prescriber. In this post, we’ve listed legitimate online and physical clinics for where to buy Hydroquinone in the UK.

Hydroquinone: Where to Buy In Person in the UK

Since Hydroquinone is available only on prescription in the UK, you will need to visit a private aesthetic clinic or dermatologist as the NHS typically does not cover this. The doctor or health practitioner will have to be trained and licensed to offer cosmetic skin services. If after your consultation, they feel that you would benefit from Hydroquinone, they will provide a prescription that you can use to buy generic-branded Hydroquinone at a pharmacy. This may be single ingredient or combined with other ingredients like Tretinoin or corticosteroids.

Some clinics also offer branded products like Obagi Hydroquinone which is designed to better absorb into the skin and be less irritating. In this case, you would need to return to collect your Hydroquinone cream or they can arrange for home delivery.

Where to Get Hydroquinone Online in the UK

The last couple of years, there’s been an explosion of digital health services providing virtual consultations with healthcare providers. These cover a wide variety of medical concerns but a few specialist cosmetic dermatology platforms have emerged that specifically treat aesthetic skin concerns. These online platforms offer an online consultation with a healthcare provider who will assess your skin concern and if they think its safe and effective, they will provide you with prescription skincare. The most common prescription skincare ingredients are usually Tretinoin and Hydroquinone. These platforms all deliver the Hydroquinone to your doorstep. They usually either supply their own Hydroquinone formulations, a generic form or a branded Hydroquinone such as Obagi. We’ve reviewed the three most popular telemedicine platforms for where you can get Hydroquinone online in the UK:

City Skin Clinic

We offer personalised treatments to target a variety of skin concerns including hyperpigmentation and melasma. At City Skin Clinic, we design our treatments completely around each patient. We use prescription-strength actives including Tretinoin and Hydroquinone when appropriate. Unlike other telemedicine providers, City Skin Clinic offers choice of an online consultation form or video consultation with an aesthetic doctor. Either way, your doctor will assess your skin concern and advise you on the best treatment for you. We love to centre our patients in this process and accommodate their wishes as much as possible. Your doctor will then provide you with a personalised treatment plan for your Hydroquinone treatment. The products are delivered straight to your home.

Best of all, your doctor will continue to monitor your progress and provide advice throughout your treatment journey. All our treatments come as a 3 month course and we assess whether to tweak your protocol before start of the next. This is based on your skin’s response. We don’t do prescriptions as we know everyone is different so we leave it up to our patients to tell us when they’re ready for a refill.


Skin+Me is a digital dermatology service that provides custom skincare products some of which include prescription ingredients like Hydroquinone. To use Skin+Me, you need to complete an online questionnaire and upload photos on their website. One of their doctors will then review your form and provide a recommendation for skincare that they feel would best suit your needs. They provide their own skincare products and will select a formulation that they believe will best address your skin concern. A big advantage of Skin+Me is the convenience. The products are sent directly to your home. This is a subscription service so every month they will send you skincare and the formulation of this may change depending on the progress you report.


Dermatica is another popular prescription skincare subscription service. Like Skin+Me, they offer an online consultation form which one of their doctors’ then uses to assess the right treatment for you. They formulate their own products and usually mix Hydroquinone with other skin lightening ingredients to create a hyperpigmentation treatment. They will deliver the treatment straight to your door and the subscription renews each month. Dermatica may change the formulation of your hyperpigmentation treatment based on how you report your skin has responded.

Online Dermatologists

There are also a number of online platforms where you can have a consultation with a consultant dermatologist. These include MySkinDoctor and Skindoc as well as a number of smaller physical clinics that offer online services. In general, these provide an online consultation form where you also upload pictures either through a website or app. You pay a consultation fee to have your case reviewed by a dermatologist and they will issue you with a prescription if they think it is appropriate. Some include the fee for writing the prescription int the consultation fee but you will still need to pay for the treatment at the pharmacy. They also charge a higher fee for a video consultation and also additional fees for follow up appointments. These services are probably better value for those with severe skin concerns where oral or higher strength medicines are needed.

Final Thoughts

Whilst you cannot simply buy Hydroquinone online in the UK due to its prescription-only status, there are a number of legal ways to get it. In addition to in person clinics, there are several reputable telemedicine platforms dedicated to cosmetic dermatology. These online services offer virtual consultations with doctors and deliver Hydroquinone skincare straight to your home. There are also a number of online Dermatologists who offer virtual consultations for a wide range of skin diseases and who can issue a prescription for Hydroquinone if they think its appropriate. You can then pay for the treatment and collect it at the pharmacy.

When considering services for where to buy Hydroquinone in the UK, consider your comfort level with the consultation type, whether you want a subscription based service or prefer to pay as you go, clarity on additional fees and aftercare they follow. Some platforms provided compounded formulas that combine Hydroquinone with other skincare ingredients. This is convenient but provides less flexibility to adapt to your skin’s response and may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. Remember, skincare is personal, and what works for one person may not work for another. Hydroquinone is an effective treatment for hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and skin aging. It is however important to use it under medical supervision to avoid serious side effects and get the most out of your treatment.

Interested in tackling hyperpigmentation with medical skincare? Book an online consultation at our virtual prescription skin clinic. Your doctor will craft a personalised skincare regime for you using prescription-strength skincare including Hydroquinone and Tretinoin. We deliver products right to your doorstep and offer ongoing monitoring and aftercare.


Authored by:

Dr Amel Ibrahim
Aesthetic Doctor & Medical Director
Founder City Skin Clinic
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Associate Member of British Association of Body Sculpting GMC Registered - 7049611

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