The Complete Guide To Jaw And Chin Fillers

Probably in large part to social media, there is a growing interest in jaw and chin fillers. These are seen as an easy way to reshape the jaw and enhance the chin without surgery. However, if you are thinking about this treatment its important to understand what it involves and if it can work for you. In this guide, we explore jaw and chin fillers in depth. We address important questions like what are they, how do they work and what are the side effects? We’ll also discuss what you can expect from jaw and chin fillers treatments and how to decide if they are suitable for you.

What Does Chin Filler Do?

Chin fillers are a non-surgical procedure. It uses injectable dermal fillers to reshape the chin. This can give a strong profile and jawline. It can also provide a more gentle chin augmentation, depending on what you desire. The most common products used are hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. These are injected into the treatment area to enhance your chin. Dermal fillers can also improve the size, shape, projection and contour of your chin. 

The most common reason people seek out chin fillers is a small chin. Often the chin is not balanced with the rest of their face and profile. Chin fillers are however a multi-purpose treatment. It can also improve definition in your jawline, lift sagging skin and enhance the symmetry of your face. All in all, chin filler can add more definition to the face and neck. This can help provide a more youthful appearance. To get good results, you should use a reputable clinic. This will only use aesthetic medical professionals to perform this treatment. They should also only use premium fillers like Juvederm VOLUX hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to contour the lower face and jawline

What Does Jaw Filler Do?

Like chin filler, jaw filler is also a hyaluronic acid dermal filler injection. It is a non-surgical solution that helps add definition back into their jawline to contour the area. This helps to restore a youthful-looking appearance. The filler improves the structure and sharpens the outline of the lower face. This reduces the appearance of sagging skin and poor definition on the lower half of the face. 

Most people opt for this treatment to help them restore volume in their lower face. However, it can also improve the appearance of jowls and sagging skin on the jawline caused by ageing. It is also minimally invasive with very little downtime. So, it is ideal for people who are unnerved by surgical procedures. It’s also great if you want to try injectable treatments before deciding whether to opt for surgery. 

How Do Jaw And Chin Fillers Work?

It is also possible to have a combination of jaw and chin fillers. Both treatments complement one another. This allows you to achieve your desired look and improve the symmetry of your face. Using these treatments together can also make it easier for your aesthetic doctor to balance your profile. Not only will your chin achieve its optimum shape, but the jawline will also be treated to complement it.

To get good results you should see a trained and experienced practitioner at a reputable clinic. They should only use premium hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for your chin and jaw filler treatments. This includes Juvederm ultra as well as the longer-lasting and thicker Juvederm Voluma. Also increasingly popular, is Juvederm Volux. This is the newest, thickest and longest-lasting hyaluronic acid filler from Allergan. It was specifically designed for use in the chin and jaw. Check out our products page for more information on all these product. 

Treatments That Go Well With Chin And Jaw Fillers

Jaw and chin fillers are standalone treatments in their own right. They can augment, enhance and reshape your lower face. However, they can also be complemented by other injectable cosmetic treatments. For example, if you have thin and crepey skin then you can consider Profhilo alongside jaw and chin fillers. This helps thicken and tighten the skin which enhances the ability of the fillers to treat jawline sagging.

Botox anti-wrinkle injections can also help reshape the lower face. This is because they can smooth chin pebbling and relax a small chin that’s been pulled back by muscles overcompensating. After the Botox, dermal fillers can then be used to enhance the shape and size of the chin. Botox injections can also be combined with jaw fillers to reduce the appearance of jowls and marionette lines. Masseter Botox injections can reduce squaring of the jawline and slim the lower face. Dermal fillers can then be used to redefine the chin and jawline if necessary. 

Chin and Jaw Fillers Before and After

As we grow older, we start to lose volume in our faces. This is because collagen production (a vital protein for the skin’s structure) slows down. At the same time, the breakdown of collagen and elastin speeds up. This is why many of some people opt for jaw and chin filler. Before, their skin may appear saggy in the lower area of the face. This can create a double chin, marionette lines and jowls which affect the overall structure and symmetry of their face. After fillers, the chin and jaw become more defined and sculpted. 

Even without volume loss, some people have a poorly defined jawline or small chin. In this case, chin and jaw fillers can augment the size and definition of these areas in order to reshape the jawline. This helps to restore the structure and balance of the lower face. The treatment is also popular because it is non-invasive with little downtime or maintenance. Most people can return to their usual daily routine once the procedure is over.  

How Long Does Jaw & Chin Filler Treatment Last?

The effects and duration of jaw and chin filler depend on the type and amount of filler used. It also depends on how quickly your body breaks down hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Most people will notice that the results will naturally diminish once they hit the one-year mark in the case of longer lasting fillers like Juvederm Voluma or Volift. Treatment with entry-level fillers like Juvederm ultra may last 6-8 months on average. 

Advanced hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like Juvederm Volux can provide even longer-lasting results for up to 18 – 24 months. Whilst the effects of these fillers can last a long time, they are temporary. To maintain the results, your fillers will require a top-up. Its best to wait until a noticeable amount of the old filler, if not all, has dissolved. This will stop you from having too much filler over time which can distort the face and give unnatural results. Many people see this as a huge benefit. It makes it possible to start with a small amount of filler initially for a subtle result and return for additional treatment if you want a more pronounced outcome. 

Also, rather than committing to a permanent change, you can change your mind about fillers. If you decide that you do not like how they look further down the line, you can reverse the treatment effects by getting your fillers dissolved by a medical professional. Alternatively, the results will also naturally dissolve over time. 

Jaw And Chin Filler Aftercare

One of the great pros of chin and jaw fillers is that aftercare is fairly straightforward. Unlike a surgical procedure, fillers require very little recovery time. Most clients can return to work the same day. This is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle. 

After your treatment, you can expect to experience some bruising and initial swelling which may be even more pronounced the next morning. Don’t panic, as this is normal and will subside after a couple of days (bruising may take longer to disappear). Take a look at our aftercare dos and don’ts below: 


  • Gently apply an ice pack for 10 minutes every hour to ease any discomfort from swelling. You can stop using the ice pack after three hours 
  • Be aware that aspirin and similar medications can increase bruising and bleeding


  • Exercise or drink alcohol for 12 hours following your treatment
  • Expose the treatment area to heat until the redness and swelling have diminished
  • Touch the treatment area for 3-4 hours after your injections

Jaw And Chin Filler Side Effects

Like most treatments, jaw and chin fillers have potential risks and side effects. There are some common side effects, including the following: 

  • Swelling and bruising of the treatment area 
  • Itching
  • Slight discomfort
  • Acne
  • Redness

Some more severe side effects can also occur. However, these are uncommon. If you do experience any of the symptoms listed below, you must immediately seek assistance from your medical practitioner: 

  • Infections
  • Blockage of blood supply to the skin
  • Lumps on the skin
  • Skin nodule formation

Book a Consultation

If you are considering having jaw or chin fillers then please start with a thorough consultation. At City Skin Clinic we recommend only choosing a reputable clinic that uses experienced medical practitioners like aesthetic doctors or dentists. During your consultation you should also have a detailed assessment to check if this treatment is suitable for you and if there are better alternatives. Your practitioner should empower you to ask questions and discuss the risks and limitations of the treatment. They should also give you a clear idea of what to expect from treatment in terms of results, downtime and costs. 

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Authored by:

Dr Amel Ibrahim
Aesthetic Doctor & Medical Director
Founder City Skin Clinic
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Associate Member of British Association of Body Sculpting GMC Registered - 7049611

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