The Insider’s Guide To… Chemical Peels

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chemical peels

Chemical peels are treatments which use a solution to remove the dead layers of skin in order to unveil newer, younger and healthier skin underneath. They can be used to target lines, wrinkles and rough skin as well as acne, inflammation, uneven tone and scarring. In this post, we will go through the different types …

5 Easy Skin Care Steps For Fabulous Glastonbury Ready Skin

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Summer is officially here! This means Pimms, eating al fresco and rocking out to great music at Glastonbury. Festival chic is all about having gorgeous glowing skin. Sadly, months of heating, cold weather and the safety of hiding under winter clothing might have left your dermis less silken and more dinosaur! Fear not in the first of …

The Insider’s Guide To… K-beauty

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k-beauty skin care beauty

Korean beauty or K-beauty as its better known is one of the hottest emerging trends in skincare and cosmetics. With its origins from South Korea, the emphasis is on clear flawless looking skin, big wide eyes and a strong brow with nude and pastel palettes. The resultant look is fresh and youthful; so its unsurprising …

The Insider’s Guide To…Microblading

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In keeping with our mission to integrate health, evidence-based aesthetics and individualized beauty we are introducing a new regular column on beauty trends. This is cheekily called “The Insider’s Guide To…”. To kick start this we have chosen eyebrow Microblading. This is rapidly becoming popular and has even been endorsed by celebrities like Lena Dunham. We’ve also …

Lip Care made Easy: How To Effortlessly Look After Your Lips

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lip care

The lips are one of the most important components of your face. They functions as a sensory organ, make a key contribution to the smile, are vital in speech, eating and of course expression. Right now, a sexy pout is the ultimate style accessory. It has fuelled a rise in lip plumping makeup and the popularity in lip enhancement using …

Easy At Home Bespoke DIY Facials


Good DIY facials should take into account your skin type, general health and any skin concerns that you might have. Even if you’re too busy or cash-strapped for a professional facial, we’ve put together this blog to help you get many of the benefits of our advanced bespoke facials at home.  In fact, we even advise our own …

Five DIY Peels To Revitalise And Refresh Your Skin

Fo many of us, the Winter isn’t just dark and dreary but can also leave skin looking dull and neglected. Not only can the winter weather strip the skin of its natural oils and rob it off moisture but the effect of in door heating can also leave skin looking dry and flakey. Worse still, …

Chemical Peels and Collagen Induction Therapy

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Chemical peels and Collagen Induction Therapy are two treatments that are increasing in popularity due to the huge potential to produce younger and healthier looking skin whilst treating common problems such as acne scarring and pigmentation. Whilst both treatments have been around for a long time, like everything in life, the best results are achieved …