The Insider’s Guide To… Finding Your Perfect Foundation

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how to find your perfect foundation

I must admit, foundation was always a part of makeup that scared me a little. The worry was that I would clog up my skin, the colour wouldn’t match or that it would look too cakey. Foundation has come a really long way in the last 10 years however. Good coverage is now possible using …

The busy woman’s guide to makeup brushes

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makeup brushes

Its literally taken me years to understand makeup brushes. I’ve always liked the idea of them but never really understood why or how to use them. Worse still, as I became busier wth my career and life, they seemed like a frivolous and unnecessary indulgence. Why the change of heart? I had a few good …

How To Find Your Perfect Moisturiser

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choosing moisturiser

For me, moisturising is an integral part of protecting and caring for your skin. Not only do we need to hydrate our skin but a good moisturiser can also help protect against weather damage, reduce the development of lines and wrinkles and even improve the appearance of makeup. In this post I will let you …

Rethinking Skin Type: How To Find Yours

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skin type

The most important thing to do before creating an effective skincare routine is to accurately determine your skin type. It seems like an obvious point. However the current oversimplification of skin types can be quite confusing and even misleading. Where to start You’re probably familiar with the idea of skin types being split into normal, …

Proper Skin Cleansing and Toning in less than 5 minutes

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skin cleanser toner skin cleansing toning

Good skin starts with clean skin which is where skin cleansing and toning come in. Pollution, debris, sweat and makeup an all leave result in a build up of dirt on your skin. If your skin is not cleansed properly then this can lead to dull looking skin, clogged pores, breakouts and acne. In this …

5 Essential Travel Skin Care Tips For Long-haul Flights

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travel skin care

Whether you’re flying first class or coach, the same drying air recirculates through the flight. This not only helps to spread some germs and pathogens but can leave skin dehydrated and congested. The pressurised environment and temperature regulation don’t help either. We’ve put together this post on travel skin care to help you protect your …

Spotlight on… Glycolic acid skin care

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Glycolic acid skin care anti ageing

One of the hottest trends which is generating a lot of buzz in the skincare and beauty community right now is Glycolic acid skin care. Known for its skin resurfacing, exfoliating and smoothing properties, its been touted as the essential treatment for softer and more youthful looking skin. What is Glycolic acid? Glyclic acid belongs …

The Insider’s Guide To… Chemical Skin Peels

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chemical skin peels

Chemical skin peels are treatments which use a solution to remove the dead layers of skin in order to unveil newer, younger and healthier skin underneath. Peels are great for targeting lines, wrinkles and rough skin as well as acne, inflammation, uneven tone and scarring. In this post, we will go through the different types …

Spotlight On… Is Retinol The Anti Ageing Silver Bullet?

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retinol anti ageing skin care

Retinol remains a mainstay in premium anti ageing treatments. It is often touted as the holy grail for increasing skin firmness and smoothing wrinkles but how effective is it? In this post we explore the evidence behind retinol in anti ageing and how to incorporate it into your skin care regime. What is Retinol? Retinol (also …

5 Easy Skin Care Steps For Fabulous Glastonbury Ready Skin

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Summer is officially here! This means Pimms, eating al fresco and rocking out to great music at Glastonbury. Festival chic is all about having gorgeous glowing skin. Sadly, months of heating, cold weather and the safety of hiding under winter clothing might have left your dermis less silken and more dinosaur! Fear not in the first of …