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The shape of the jaw is dependent on the bone, muscles, fat and skin the comprise it. There are many factors that affect the appearance of the jaw including genetics and lifestyle. Some people seek to enhance the shape of the jaw (usually if there is sagging of the lower face or if they are seeking a more defined appearance) by having jawline contouring. This can widen or narrow and shorten or lengthen the appearance of the jawline as required. Jawline contouring can also help lift and firm up the appearance of a sagging lower face. For those with a wide jaw, square jaw reduction can help produce a narrower V-shaped jawline. Ultimately, the results are dependent on your face shape, targets and the abilities of your aesthetic doctor.


The shape of the lower face is made up of several structures including your jaw bones, muscles and soft tissues like fat or skin. Whilst genetics play a huge part in terms of the shape and size of these facial structures, there are a number of other factors that come in to play. The main cause for lack of definition or sagging of the jawline is ageing and reduced face volume. One of the main reasons for developing a square jaw in both men and women can be overactivity of the chewing muscles which is usually caused by tooth grinding. Other factors that can give the appearance of loss of definition, jawline sagging or a square jaw is ageing and loss of volume in the cheeks or lack of chin prominence or neck sagging.


There are a number of non-surgical options for enhancing the jawline and reducing a square jaw. Botox injections are an effective treatment for square jaw reduction which also has the benefit of stopping teeth grinding. These Botox injections can also be used to lift a sagging neck and hence sculpt the lower face and jawline.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be used alone or in combination with Botox for jawline contouring. Dermal fillers can be used to directly reshape the jawline and lift up the lower face. A combination of jawline, cheek and chin dermal fillers to contour the jawline and the whole face. If the aim is to reduce the appearance of a square jaw or face, then a combination of Botox and dermal fillers can be used to provide a more contoured and V-line jaw appearance.


At City Skin Clinic, we offer a number of non-surgical jawline enhancement treatments which can be effective alone or in combination. These are:

At City Skin Clinic, we believe that the secret to natural looking results is to always take into account the whole face. All our treatments are designed and specifically tailored to each client. This in addition to having an in-depth understanding of the skin, facial structures and the processes behind all skin concerns allows us to choose and perform the correct treatments. Hence we are able to always achieve the most effective and natural looking results for each and everyone one of our clients. We’re also intensely passionate about skincare and fuss-free beauty, hence we provide in-depth advice which enables our clients to maintain and boost the results at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people can benefit from non-surgical jawline contouring and square jaw reduction if it is something that bothers them. With regards to Botox for jaw reduction, the greatest benefit is seen in people who have bruxism or tooth grinding. Botox is also very good for those with lower face and neck sagging as it will help lift and sculpt the jaw and neck area. Dermal fillers are essential if you would like to reshape and contour the jawline. It works in young people who simply want some more definition and contouring, those with moderate signs of ageing in order to lift and enhance the face and older people with more advanced ageing who wish to delay surgical intervention.
This depends on the cause of sagging, severity and your aims. We recommend dermal fillers to contour the jawline. If necessary, Botox can also help reduce the appearance of squaring and sculpt the neckline. Furthermore, a receding chin can be enhanced using dermal fillers which can further enhance the jawline.
If the appearance of a square face is caused by overactive masseter muscles, then Botox injections can help achieve this. Botox square jaw reduction alone or in combination with dermal fillers can help provide the appearance of a slender and V-shaped lower face. Additionally, cheek and chin fillers can also provide the appearance of a more contoured face.