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These are all very common areas of concern for both men and women. Under eye circles are dark patches that are visible under the eye. Depending on cause and skin tone, these can look like shadows or discolouration that’s red, blue or green in hue. Under eye bags on the other hand, are swollen pockets or patches under the eye. Both under eye circles and bags can either occur separately or alone. They may also be caused by or exasperated by the presence of a tear trough (this is a loss of fat tissue leading to hollowness under the eye). The most common complaints people tend to have with under eye circles, bags or tear trough deformities is that they give the appearance of tiredness.


There are a number of genetic and environmental causes that give rise to under eye circles, bags and tear trough deformities. Some people are more predisposed to developing these and whether they affect other members of your family is a good indicator of your risk. Your skin tone may also play a role. Paler skin tones tend to show up blood vessels more readily and thus give the impression of bluish discolouration under the eyes. Darker skin tones may exhibit increased pigmentation in the under eye area which gives the appearance of shadowing. Aside from genetics, other common causes include:

  • Ageing: as we get older, the skin under the eyes loses its thickness and elasticity. This thinner and more fragile skin is more likely to show underlying muscles and blood vessels which also gives the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Sun damage can also cause dark pigmentation under the eyes as well as accelerate skin ageing. Fat loss and reduced skin laxity can also cause under eye bags to appear more prominent. Loss of fat under the skin and skin ageing can also give rise to tear trough deformities.
  • Diet: deficiencies in Vitamins C and K as well as iron are thought to present with discolouration under the eyes. Diets high in salt can also increase fluid retention which can increase the prominence of under eye bags.
  • Sleeping: or rather lack of, can result in worsening of under eye circles and bags.
  • Dehydration: reduced water intake, excess caffeine and alcohol can all cause volume depletion in the skin and lack of laxity.
  • Sun damage and smoking:  this can cause increased pigmentation and skin ageing both of which give rise to dark under eye circles and bags.
  • Inflammation and allergies: this can cause puffiness, bags and under eye circles over time.


Luckily, there are a wide range of treatment options if you suffer from under eye circles or bags. The first thing is to ensure that you have a good skincare routine which includes using an under eye cream that contains ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin K and ferulic acid which help with under eye circles. Another important skincare tip is to ensure that the under eye skin is kept moisturised so having hyaluronic acid in your under eye cream would help immensely.

If the problem is purely due to thin skin or pigmentation issues, then advanced skin treatments like chemical peels and collagen induction therapy can help brighten and firm up the under eye skin. For tear trough deformities and under eye bags, hyaluronic acid tear trough fillers can treat the hollowness under the eyes and rejuvenate the eye area. For more defined tear trough deformities, cheek fillers can help provide support for the tear trough fillers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the cause and severity of your under eye circles. If its due to a reversible cause then lifestyle modifications like sun protection, smoking cessation and sleeping may help. If it is due to nutritional deficiency then dietary or topical application of Vitamin C, Vitamin K or iron may help. For tear trough deformities, under eye circles and under eye bags, tear trough fillers can help quickly and effectively rejuvenate the under eye area. These fillers work quickly but are temporary. For a longer-term solution, consider oculoplastic surgery or laser therapy.
Depending on the causes, expert skin treatments including peels, collagen induction and laser can help quickly and effectively brighten under eye circles. If the dark circles are due to a tear trough deformity then treatment with tear trough fillers can help fill out the hollowness under the eyes. When performed correctly, these give a natural looking and immediate result.
There is usually a genetic predisposition to developing under eye bags which can't really be helped. However, diet and lifestyle modifications like stopping smoking and increased sleep can help reduce their appearance. A good skincare regime can also help improve the condition of your under eye skin and reduce the prominence of bags. Tear trough fillers can provide immediate improvement of under eye bags with a natural appearance f performed correctly and appropriately. For severe under eye bags or longer lasting results, surgical correction by an expert oculoplastic surgeon can provide a natural looking correction.
The answer to this depends on what the cause is. Injection with tear trough fillers can provide immediate results which can last 8-12 months if they are used in the correct situation.
We're passionate about skin at City Skin Clinic and always advocate a good skincare routine personalised to your needs. This can reduce the need for professional treatments or boost the results of treatments like tear trough fillers and chemical peels. Beneficial ingredients to consider in your skincare routine include hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and ferulic acid. Check out our blog for more beauty tips and advice.