Profhilo Injectable Hyaluronic Acid

Profhilo is the newest hyaluronic acid injectable from HA Derma. This highly concentrated and spreadable hyaluronic acid is specifically formulated to boost the radiance, firmness and elasticity of your skin.

What is Profhilo and how is it different from Botox and fillers?

Profhilo is a BDDE-free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid made by HA-Derma. This technology links both high and low molecular-weight hyaluronic acid using heat to create a stable, highly concentrated and very spreadable gel. It has one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid (32mg/ml) without increasing the risk of inflammation.  Due to these unique qualities, it can be injected into the skin where it stays for 28 days and in that period stimulates your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. These proteins plump up the skin, increase its elasticity, hydration and its firmness. As such Profhilo is often referred to as a biostimulant and it is used to treat crepey, dry and thin skin. The effect of treatment is smoother, lifted, plumper and more radiant skin.
Botox and fillers are also excellent and highly effective skin rejuvenating treatments. Botox injections can be used to smooth dynamic wrinkles (ones that haven’t set in yet). Botox also has many other uses including treating a gummy smile, smoothing a pebble chin as well slimming and shaping the jawline. Dermal fillers are excellent for treating lost or missing volume. They can be used to smooth deep lines and folds, lift and contour the cheeks as well as reshape the jawline, treat under eye hollows and of course enhance lips, reshape noses and revive the hands.
Profhilo can be used alone or in combination with Botox and dermal fillers depending on your individual skin concerns needs and treatment goals.

What is Profhilo used for and what does the treatment involve?

Since Profhilo stimulates your skin to produce elastin and collagen, this treatment is ideal for skin that has lost its plumpness, firmness and pliability. The hyaluronic acid also boosts hydration and so its really benefocial for dry and dull skin. Profhilo treatment uses the BAP technique. For the face, this involves a series of injections (5 on each side) through a small needle. The product then spreads underneath the skin and works to stimulate it. A minimum of 2 treatments 4-6 weeks apart are needed to achieve maximal results although more treatments maybe needed for very dry, crepey and sagging skin. To maintain teh effect, we recommend treatment every 6-8 months.

Are there any risks or side effects to Profhilo treatment?

In general this is a safe treatment if delivered by an experienced medical professional. The potential side effects or risks of Profhilo are similar to hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments. Whenever you inject the face, there is always a general risk of bruising, infection, lumps, uneveness or even scarring. Whilst thankfully rare, incorrect placement of any injctable can carry more serious consequences like chronic inflammation or in the worst possible cases tissue death or if it blocks blood vessels.

How long does Profhilo take to work and how long does the treatment last?

It takes the skin 4-6 weeks to produce collagen and elastin. Hence you will be able to see the peak effect of each Profhilo treatment after that. At least two treatments are required for maximum effect and you should see the best out come 4-6 weeks after the second treatment. Profhilo also increases hydration of the skin and you will be able to see this effect straight away. Since Profhilo is a biostimulant, the results you see are created by the effect it has on causing your skin to produce collagen and elastin. Hence, they last for months and in general treatment is recommended every 6-8 months to maintain the effect.

What is the cost of Profhilo treatment in London?

The cost of Profhilo treatment depends on your the condition of your skin, how your skin responds to treatment and your goals. In general, a minimum of two treatments 4-6 weeks apart are needed with maintenance every 6 months. 

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