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Hand rejuvenating dermal fillers in London

Our expert doctors use premium dermal fillers to smooth away wrinkles and restore hydration and lost volume in your hands. This treatment will leave you with instantly smoother, firmer and fresher looking skin on your hands.
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As we age, our hands appear thinner, less plump and may even show signs of sun damage. At City Skin Clinic we have created a signature dermal filler treatment using Radiesse hand filler which will instantly rehydrate and rejuvenate your hands.

Non surgical hand rejuvenating treatments

Hand fillers have been increasingly becoming popular due to their ability to rehydrate, increase volume and smooth wrinkles making hands appear plumper, firmer and smoother. They are a great choice if you want to revive and rejuvenate your hands especially if there is a difference between them and your face.

Are Hand Fillers For Me?

The hand filler treatment is best for those who have:

  • thin skin on the back of the hands
  • "veiny" looking hands
  • volume loss to the back of the hands
  • wrinkles and lines

Our expert doctors will thoroughly assess your hands and design a personalised treatment specifically for you.

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Expert doctor hand filler treatments in London

Hand dermal filler Fees

Consultation £30

The consultation fee is deducted from the cost of treatment.

Hand dermal filler £500

Treatment of both hands with Radiesse 1.5ml filler is £500. If required after 3-4 months, additional 1.5ml top-up can be administered for £350.

Treatment Time

60 Minutes

Duration of Effect

12 Months

Back to Work

Same Day

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What Our Patients Say

Our Expertise

Simply removing a line on the face will often not result in an attractive natural looking outcome. For that reason, Dr. Ibrahim and her doctors take a holistic approach to treating lines and wrinkles using dermal fillers by taking into account the structure of the whole face.
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