Non-Surgical Neck Lift: The Complete Guide

A non-surgical neck lift is a popular and increasingly common procedure. It can help to reduce or eliminate the signs of ageing around the lower face and neck. It is minimally invasive, unlike a surgical neck lift which requires an extensive invasive surgical procedure and longer recovery times. 

The most common type of non-surgical neck lift typically uses Botox injections. These are are injected into strategic areas around the neck and the lower face. It is a popular option for many people in the UK. It appeals to those who want the smoothing and contouring benefits of a neck lift without downsides of surgery. There are also a few other less common but useful non-surgical neck lift options that can be used alongside Botox. Regardless of treatment type, non-surgical options are only effective in certain types of neck ageing. We’ve put together this non-surgical neck lift guide to the different options for non-surgical neck lifts. We explore how these procedures work, risks and who is the ideal candidate for the non-surgical neck lift. 

What is a Surgical Neck Lift?

Surgical neck lifts are the definitive procedure for severe signs of ageing around the neck. This involves excision of excess skin. The remaining skin is then re-draped to improve the appearance and contouring of the neck and lower face. The results are long-term if not permanent. However, surgical neck lifts are expensive and time-consuming. They require a long period of recovery and may be associated with severe risks. These include bleeding, bruising, infection, scars and risk of anaesthetic. However, much of these risks can be reduced by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. 

What Is a Non-Surgical Neck Lift? 

The Botox non-surgical neck lift is commonly referred to as the “Nefertiti lift”. This is because of its ability to sculpt the neck. The name is in reference to the Ancient Egyptian Queen who was famous for her long, taut and elegant neck. 3,000 years later and Queen Nefertiti lived is still regarded as a beauty icon. This is in large part to her exquisite cheekbones, her sharp jawline and signature ‘swan’ neck. 

This procedure uses Botox injections either alone or in combination with hyaluronic dermal fillers and/or Profhilo neck injections. The effect is to smooth out the lower face and neck. It can help tighten skin and treat signs of ageing like jowls and wrinkles or crepey skin. The injections are made in several places around the lower face and neck. In general, the effects usually last between three and four months on average if Botox is used alone. The dermal fillers and Profhilo components of the combined treatment last longer.

What Can it Do?

Because this procedure is non-surgical, the recovery time is very quick, and the risks associated with it are much lower. In the majority of cases, patients can go back to their normal routines straight after their procedure. Many people opt for this procedure as a way to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles around the neck. These are usually due to skin ageing. However other factors like sun damage, posture and genetics contribute. The main issues it can address are: 

Benefits of a Non-Surgical Neck Lift 

Unfortunately, ageing can be a significant source of self-consciousness among people of all ages and genders. A non-surgical neck lift can be an excellent, minimally invasive way to combat signs of ageing around the neck and lower face. There are many benefits to a non-surgical neck lift. These include having a more youthful looking better-sculpted neck with smoother overlying skin. For a lot of patients, the results can lead to increased confidence. Results only take 2-3 weeks to reach maximal effect and the results last up to 4-12 months or longer depending on the treatment. The procedure can take as little as 15 minutes with minimal downtime.  

In addition to aesthetic results, non-surgical neck lifts have other excellent benefits when compared with surgery, including 

  • Quick procedure
  • Little or no downtime
  • Faster recovery time 
  • Lowered cost compared to surgical options 
  • Less invasive 
  • Fewer risks 
  • Little or no discomfort and pain 
  • Non-permanence 

Who Is Best Suited For A Non-Surgical Neck Lift? 

As with all non-surgical aesthetic procedures, the best results are achieved when the right patient is selected for the procedure. Of course, the expertise and experience of your doctor also matter!

Non-surgical neck lifts, when performed by an experienced and qualified medical practitioner, work by relaxing the muscles that pull on the skin on the neck and lower face which give rise to jowls and saggy appearing necks. The procedure utilises a series of strategically placed Botox injections. It is very quick (in as little as 15 minutes) and has no downtime as well as very low risks. It is however not for everybody!

Non-surgical neck lift is best suited for patients with mild-moderate signs of skin ageing in the neck and face where muscle activity is still the main reason for this appearance. Ideally, patients should have good skin quality and not a lot of mid or low face volume loss. If these are present, then the non-surgical neck lift is best combined with Profhilo to improve skin quality and thickness as well as dermal fillers to restore lost facial volume. The Botox non-surgical neck lift will also help with mild horizontal neck lines but anything deeper will also need Profhilo and/or dermal fillers to address. 

Non-Surgical Neck Lift Before And After 

After a non-surgical neck lift, patients tend to see results very quickly, usually as soon as 7 days after the procedure although peak effect may not be visible till 2-3 weeks after. The procedure when used correctly can fight the signs of ageing, smoothing and reducing things like jowls and necklines. The skin will appear tauter, smoother and more sculpted than before. The treated area will also appear more youthful and refreshed. This gives the neck and jaw a more contoured and aesthetically pleasing appearance.  

Non-Surgical Neck Lift Procedure 

The process will begin with a consultation with a doctor. They will discuss with you what you want to get out of the procedure and what your concerns are. They will also examine your face to determine the place and number of injections required. Once you have agreed on the procedure, you will be invited back for the treatment itself or it can be performed on the same day depending on the clinic’s policies.  

The non-surgical neck lift normally takes around 15 to 20 minutes to perform. A topical anaesthetic cream is usually applied by your doctor to reduce discomfort. After which they will inject Botox using a tiny needle into areas of the neck and potentially jaw and lower face too. You should not experience any pain during the treatment, but you might feel a little discomfort during or afterwards. You can go back to your normal activities straight after Botox neck injections. 

Non-Surgical Neck Lift Recovery 

The recovery time after a non-surgical neck lift is one of the biggest benefits of the procedure. Unlike a surgical neck lift, you can go back to your normal activities straight after the procedure – no recovery time is needed. However, there will be aftercare to consider to ensure that you get the best results and reduce the chances of complications or side effects.  

In the 24 hours after the treatment, it is important to avoid strenuous exercise after a non-surgical neck lift, along with massaging, rubbing or applying pressure to the areas as these can worsen bruising. Any pressure on the areas injected immediately after the procedure can cause the Botox to move from its intended place, which can impact the results of the procedure. 

Non-Surgical Neck Lift Side Effects 

The possible side effects of a non-surgical neck lift are those normally associated with any Botox procedure. They are normally very mild, and many patients experience no side effects at all. The risk of side effects or complications is also significantly lower than that of surgical neck lifts. Possible side effects or risks include: 

  • Bruising, redness or swelling around the injection sites 
  • Weakness in the neck 
  • Flu-like symptoms 
  • Headache 
  • Difficulty swallowing 

Any side effects will usually be mild and will pass within a few days. If you are concerned about the side effects you’re experiencing, it is best to get back in touch with your doctor for advice. They will be able to recommend remedies for any issues and advise of the next steps. 

Non-Surgical Neck Lift Cost UK 

The cost of non-surgical neck lifts will depend on the extent of the treatment required. If there are minimal signs of ageing, then the work required will be minor. Prices for non-surgical neck lifts with Botox injections can vary but tend to range from £200 to £1000 on average depending on the severity of the neck ageing and whether treatment is limited to the neck or also involves the jaw and lower face. The price of a non-surgical neck lift will be higher if combined with Profhilo or dermal fillers as these are usually separate treatments.

It is important to understand what the cost of a non-surgical neck lift covers when choosing a place to have the procedure done. Factors that can influence the fees include the quality of the products, the experience and skill of the doctor and facility, the treatment itself, consultation fees, ongoing care, and follow-up appointments. 

How to Get Good Outcomes  

It is important to start by getting a consultation for a non-surgical neck lift with an experienced medical professional. Choosing a reputable clinic and practitioner is vital. This is not just for excellent and long-lasting results, but for safety as well. A good practitioner will put you at ease, answer all your questions and give you an honest opinion. Do not be disappointed if they tell you that the treatment will not help you. If they think you will benefit from treatment, this will be done in a way that uses high quality products, safe techniques and they should provide aftercare. 

Ultimately, remember that there is a limit to any treatment. Be sure to have realistic expectations. You can also maximise your results by making sure you optimise your skin. Incorporate actives like Vitamin C and retinoids like retinol or Tretinoin to smooth, firm up and tighten your skin. This will provide a good base and enhance the effect of any treatment.

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Authored by:

Dr Amel Ibrahim
Aesthetic Doctor & Medical Director
Founder City Skin Clinic
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Associate Member of British Association of Body Sculpting GMC Registered - 7049611

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