Nonsurgical Brow Lift

Lift, define and shape drooping, tired and poorly defined brows with our non surgical brow lift. Our expert doctors use rejuvenating injections to give you an instantly refreshed, lifted and more elegant eye brow.

Expert Non Surgical Brow Lift Treatments in London

Droopy eyebrows or hooded eyes are a common complaint. It can be due to the natural shape of your eyes and brow or due to muscle overactivity or losing volume in the face and thinning of skin as we age.

At City Skin Clinic we have developed three types of brow lift treatment that are all delivered by expert doctors, safe and effective. Best of all each treatment is personalised to your individual face shape and needs. Our choice of non surgical brow lift treatments are:

  • “The Chemical Brow Lift”: this treatment uses anti-wrinkle injections in the muscles that pull down the brow. The treatment last 3-4 months and is perfect if you only require a mild brow lift or gentle reshaping to increase the arch or curvature of your eyebrows.
  • “The Liquid Brow Lift”: this treatment uses hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to lift, sculpt and define the eyebrows as well as create a more “wide-eyed” look. It is best if you have more extensive brow drooping on hooded lids and also need reshaping of your brows. The results last 6-8 months.
  • “The Master Combined Brow Lift”: this treatment combines anti-wrinkle injection and hyaluronic acid dermal filler for brows that need lifting, sculpting and reshaping. This treatment works well if you have excess skin causing drooping, need to reshape your brows and also have some hollowing in the outer corners of the eye area. Results last 6-8 months.

Why Choose Non Surgical Brow Lift Treatments at City Skin Clinic

We have built an unparalleled reputation for safety and quality for all of our aesthetic treatments. Our expert doctors are trained to deliver personalised treatments using only premium products and given generous appointment times so that they can provide excellent results every time. Choose us if you would like:

  • Natural looking results
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Treatment performed by expert aesthetic doctor
  • Detailed consultation and free follow-up appointment

UPDATE: We’re moving our aesthetic treatments online!

We’ve made the decision to move our aesthetic skin treatments online! This means that we’re no longer offerring aesthetic treatments. However, we are welcoming new and old clients to our online skin clinic. Through our platform we connect patients with our doctors to provide personalised treatment protocols using prescription-strength skin and hair loss treatments!

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