POSTED: 11 Nov 2018

Sunday Vibes | Alissa Ashley, Oil & More

We’ve been working harder than ever over here at The Modern Salon to bring you the freshest content seamlessly criss-crossing between fuss-free beauty advice to intelligent reflections on current affairs. Today’s Sunday vibes explores another beloved Youtuber who embodies care-free elegance, some fabulous oil skincare and hair care tips as well as our top picks from last week’s content so sit back and enjoy!

YouTube Beauty Channel To Check Out

Alissa Ashley’s striking beauty really stands out even amongst the sea of beauty influencers on Youtube. Her channel has a huge collection of expert beauty tutorials but her effortless delivery and warm style makes you feel like you can and should join in! She’s also incredibly creative also recreating that Rhianna Vogue cover and Kim kardashian’s 2018 Met Gala makeup. She’s also another important voice advocating for greater diversity in the beauty industry and launched a 45 shade Foundation when she collaborated with NYX. This is quite a huge leap for drug store makeup.  Regardless of your style, effort or skill level, we absolutely recommend Alissa for her every day glow tutorials. This is no-makeup makeup at its finest. Check out her Instagram (@alissa.ashley) for some of the most beautiful wearable looks.

Hair & Skincare Tip To Try (Oil)

Beauty oils have been around for a long time but burst onto the mainstream in the last 8 years. So much so that most of us have at least attempted to integrate a face oil into our routine at some point. Equally fantastic are hair oils which can nourish and condition your scalp as well as hair but these are less commonly used than face and body oils. There are a few important things to consider when using face or hair oils though. Firstly not all oils are equal and which one you opt for should be based on your skin type or hair type.

Since we like to keep things simple and fuss-free, we’re going to go through a couple of our most preferred beauty oils that can take care of hair and the face. First up is Argan oil. This is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids hence its excellent for moisturising the skin and hair. It is also excellent as a softening agent, so great for helping reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It also has anti-inflammatory properties so excellent for acne-prone skin as well as flakey scalps! Marula oil is another one of our favourite beauty oils. Like Argan oil, its non comogenic, has anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent moisturiser. It also contains high amounts of both Vitamins C and E. You can use it on a range of skin problems including acne, dermatitis and blemishes. Whilst both these oils have many similarities and can be used interchangeably, in general Argan oil is best for acne-prone and oily skin whilst Marula oil is excellent for dry or ageing skin. Both are also able to nourish and condition all hair types but are especially great for dry and curly hair.

To get the most out of either of these oils, massage onto cleansed skin after applying your toner and serums (if you use any). You can combine with your favourite moisturiser to give it a boost or add a few drops into your favourite DIY face mask. For your hair, massage the oil into the scalp and leave for 15-30 minutes then shampoo and condition for a clarifying treatment for fine or oily hair. Alternatively apply it after washing your hair and use it as a leave-in conditioner for dry or curly hair.

Makeup Technique To Practice

With the colder weather, its easy to use makeup as a mask if your complexion is looking dull or uneven. Try our tutorial on how to apply dewy skin makeup for radiant summer skin all year long.

Beauty Guide To Read

If, you haven’t already try reading our skincare for Autumn post to help you boost the health and appearance of your skin. Given that winter is coming, also check out our guide to winter skincare to hep you protect and revive your skin during the cold season.

Sneak Peek At The Coming Week In Beauty

This coming week, we’re all about the eyes! Keep checking in with us on teh blog and head over to our Instagram (@cityskinclinic) for tips and guides on combatting under eye circles, bags and other common eye problems. We’ve also putting up our second skincare instalment on IGTV and next week will be eye themed! Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think and if there’s anything you would like us to answer regarding under eye problems next week.

What next?

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Authored by:

Dr Amel Ibrahim
Aesthetic Doctor & Medical Director
Founder City Skin Clinic
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Associate Member of British Association of Body Sculpting GMC Registered - 7049611

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