POSTED: 4 Nov 2018

Sunday Vibes | Samantha Ravndahl, Mud & More…

So far so good we’re surviving the shift in temperature and increasing darkness by throwing ourselves into work even more! Over at City Skin Clinic we’ve introduced a number of new features that help us connect with our clients including a new virtual consultation! Here at The Modern Salon, we’ve seriously amped up our content output and we’re delighted its been so well received by you guys. So for this Sunday, we’re continuing with our devotion to fuss-free beauty by introducing you to one of our favourite Youtubers Samantha Ravndahl who embodies a laid back and fun approach to beauty (with a tinge of dry humour for good measure). We’re also excited to make clay mud this week’s essential DIY beauty hack so as usual sit back and enjoy!

YouTube Beauty Channel To Check Out

We’ve been crushing on Samantha Ravndahl for quite some time and with very good reason too! This Canadian makeup artist turned beauty influencer continues to be a much-needed breath of fresh air on Youtube and Instagram (@Ssssamathaa). Her tutorials are a mix of detailed but easy to follow makeup tips exploring a range of beauty products to deliver a number of wearable high-end looks. What marks out Samantha is her fierce honesty when reviewing products. Ones that fall below the mark receive crushing one-line put-downs or a simple raised eyebrow and knowing look. The latter is reserved for the biggest disappointment. Her humor is dry and her delivery is generally laid back and enthused with nonchalance. On the occasions that she is impressed with a product then praise is awarded but in a similar theatrical and tongue-in-cheek manner. She’s also fiercely vocal about exposing sponsorship and advertising between brands and influencers. Not just for herself but repeatedly calls out bad behavior in the beauty community. In fact, there are a number of videos which address this issue and highlight the need for greater honesty. Whatsmore she leads by example and is pretty open about disclosing her own sponsorship, collaborations and free product deals. If you want a bubbly and super energetic beauty video, then Samatha’s channel isn’t for you. However, if you fancy a bit of witty banter, refreshingly honest product reviews and really fantastic makeup tips then you’re in for a treat!

Hair & Skincare Tip To Try (Clay Mud)

Before we even get started on this week’s DIY beauty tip, let’s clarify something. What is the difference between clay and mud and are they not the something?? Well yes and no. Mud is a mixture of water and any combination of different soils. Clay, on the other hand, is a type of soil if we really want to simplify things. Hence this week’s beauty product is clay mud. There are many different types of clays used for beauty but as a general rule, they all share a number of benefits that help clarify and decongest the skin. Clay contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory reagents which help counteract pimples, redness and swelling. It also has a purifying effect by physically drawing out excess oil and impurities from pores to minimise their appearance.

There are a large variety of clays but at City Skin Clinic, we’re pretty devoted to Rhassoul clay which comes from the Atlas mountain region of Morocco and is renowned for its detoxifying effects on the skin and hair.  It has a high level of zinc and magnesium (which clarify the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties) but does not strip the skin of oil. For the face mask, take 1 tablespoon of Rhassoul clay and mix with 1-2 tablespoons of water till you get a smooth paste. Add a teas spoon of Argan oil to the mixture and apply to clean and cleansed skin for 10-15 minutes until it is dry. Remove by wiping off with a warm wet cloth and apply your favorite serums and moisturizer for silky smooth and clear looking skin.

Hair masks should definitely be more of a thing. Whilst applying a clay mud hair mask seems strange and messy, it’s genuinely one of the best ways to detoxify your scalp. It will not only leave your scalp feeling cleaner but will also help with dryness, irritation or itchiness and regulate excess oil. For this hair mas,k you will need a more watery consistency. Apply 1tablespoonn of Rhassoul clay to 3/4 cup of warm water and stir in a tablespoon of Argan oil. Massage this onto hair that has just been washed with Shampoo then wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap. Rinse off after 15-20 minutes and enjoy shinier and bouncier locks.

Makeup Technique To Practice

We’ve got plenty of Autumn to winter makeup tips and tricks to try out in the coming weeks! Until then, check out our previous tutorial on dewy skin makeup for the perfect day to night time naturally beautiful no-makeup makeup look.

Beauty Guide To Read

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Sneak Peek At The Coming Week In Beauty

We’ve been increasing our blogging output in the last week and plan to continue this momentum from now on. Check out our first profile interview of women changemakers with the fabulous Sophia Ukor founder of Violet Simon. This coming week you can look forward to more beauty tips, skincare, and cosmetic guides as well as DIY hacks. Head over to our Instagram (@cityskinclinic) for more fuss-free beauty tips and tricks including our newest feature which is a weekly fuss-free beauty Q+A on IGTV.

What next?

Have a Youtuber you would like us to feature in our future Sunday Vibes posts? Leave us a comment below and we would be delighted to have a look!!

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