POSTED: 27 Jan 2019

First Kylie & Now Huda…. Are Lip Fillers Going Out Of Style?

Beauty enthusiasts were shocked to hear that Huda Kattan is getting her lip fillers removed in a tell-all video on YouTube. This combined with Kylie Jenner dissolving her fillers, has left everyone wondering are lip fillers going out of style?

“From my personal experience, I don’t actually think I got the benefit that I was looking for. I wanted my lips to look bigger, but I don’t think I was looking for that plumpness, I think I was just looking for more width, more height”. Huda Kattan

Its actually really great that both Kylie and Huda made these confessions. It gives us all a  chance to discuss what can go wrong with lip fillers! When Kylie announced that she’d had her fillers dissolved, reactions ranged from supportive to gleeful body shaming. There were also several opinion pieces suspicious whether she’d had them dissolved or if she had merely reduced the filler. Regardless, the question on everyone’s mind was whether lip fillers were over. Fast forward to 2019 and it seems that Kylie has had a slight change of heart by posting that she’d had a “lip touch up”.

Whilst Kylie casually posted her lip filler confessions, Huda, opted to upload her decision to dissolve her fillers on YouTube. In it she explains her 10-year lip filler journey (including some horror stories) and why she removed them. Her main conclusion is that she doesn’t feel she ever got what she wanted from lip fillers. In fact, she plans to contour her lips with makeup instead to achieve a similar effect. Its worth noting that she has kept some filler in her bottom lip.

Are lip fillers going out of style or is the style of lip fillers changing?

Other than removing their lip fillers, both Kylie Jenner and Huda Kattan share the fact that they are incredibly successful business women with formidable beauty empires. Lip liners, lipsticks and glosses are key players in the success of their cosmetic brands. Although many a cynic may dismiss these as stunts to increase the sales of their makeup, we disagree. We actually think that their honesty about their experiences is hugely beneficial.

Firstly, that your appearance or desired look will evolve with time. Its completely normal that as you get older, advance in your professional career or start a family then your tastes may change. Where you may have wanted a fuller more pronounced lip in your early 20’s might no longer be what you care for in your 30’s. hence, if you opt for temporary hyaluronic acid fillers, then you have the option to remove them or have them wear off. Secondly, if lip fillers are not personalized to your face with time, then they can look very fake and ageing. In addition, if your lip fillers aren’t done properly the first time (ie if the shape, size or volume aren’t what you wanted), it is vital to either remove them or let them dissolve completely before trying lip fillers again. Not doing so will simply mean that the focus of each subsequent treatment is on correcting rather than enhancing.

Ultimately, the appetite for lip fillers doesn’t appear to be going anywhere and if anything it’s increasing. However, what we are seeing is that consumers are much savvier now. Thanks to honest confessions like Huda Kattan’s, people seem to be reflecting on what they want much more. We’re also seeing a greater demand for a natural looking lip enhancement and treatments which are harmonious with the rest of the face. So lip fillers aren’t going anywhere, its just what we want from them has changed.

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Dr Amel Ibrahim
Aesthetic Doctor & Medical Director
Founder City Skin Clinic
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
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