Obagi-C System

Obagi-C system can help you achieve softer, smoother, radiant and more even-looking skin. The Obagi-C Rx System (Prescription only) contains 4% hydroquinone whilst Fx contains Arbutin. Both can reduce hyperpigmentation and have a number of key ingredients that help address the signs of skin aging.

Obagi-C Rx or Fx System

Obagi-c rx system kit buy online

This is a complete skincare program. It comes in two forms, a prescription only version and an over the counter kit. The Obagi-C Rx system contains 4% hydroquinone and is available by prescription only. On the other hand the Obagi-C Fx system contains arbutin as the pigment suppressing agent and is available without a prescription. Both versions of the kit can reduce hyperpigmentation such as dark or age spots and melasma. They also contain other essential ingredients to help address the signs of skin aging caused by photoaging.

The Kit Includes:

  • C-Cleansing Gel
  • C-Exfoliating Day Lotion (normal to dry skin kit) or C-Balancing Toner (normal to oily skin kit)
  • C-Clarifying Serum
  • Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50
  • C-Therapy Night Cream

Obagi-C is thus a comprehensive skincare system harnesses the antioxidant potential of Vitamin C alongside pigment suppressors. It brightens, protects and rejuvenates skin. This helps to give a complexion that radiates with youthful vitality. .

An early intervention for signs of skin damage?

Obagi-C system can help you achieve softer, smoother, radiant and younger looking skin. It is a especially designed to target mild-to-moderate skin ageing, hyperpigmentation and melasma. The Obagi-C Rx/Fx System is most useful if you have:

  • Mild-to-moderate hyperpigmentation, sun damage and age spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Rough skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Why Choose the Obagi-C System?

  • Potent Vitamin C Formula: Enjoy the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C in particular it’s anti-ageing and brightening capabilities. The 10% L-ascorbic acid in the kit helps defend against free radicals. It can also help protect your skin from environmental stressors that speed up ageing with potent antioxidants.
  • Clinically Supported Ingredients: Powerful pigment suppressors in form of 4% hydroquinone in the Obagi-C Rx system and Arbutin in the Obagi-C Fx system. These improve hyperpigmentation and provide a more even-toned complexion.
  • Complete Skincare Routine: From cleansers to serums, this system takes care of every step of your skincare routine. The kit is easy to use and your doctor will personalise your protocol to ensure you get maximum benefits.
  • Impressive Results: Trusted by dermatologists and skincare specialists worldwide, the Obagi-C System delivers. It helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. Obagi-C also combats the visible signs of ageing and sun damage.

What’s the Difference Between the Obagi-C Rx (POM) and Fx Systems?

The Obagi-C Rx (POM) System contains 4% hydroquinone which works to reduce hyperpigmentation and a number of key ingredients that help address the signs of skin aging. The Obagi-C Fx system contains the complete skincare system but uses arbutin instead of hydroquinone. Since the Fx system is free from hydroquinone, it can be purchased without a prescription.

Both systems are effective but the Obagi-C Fx system is gentler and results are seen more slowly. The Fx products contain Arbutin, which is a gentler formulation, so it will generally take about 24 weeks to see visible results. Patients who use the Obagi-C Rx prescription system typically start to see progress in as little as 6-8 weeks. However, this system is linked with a higher risk of irritation, redness and dryness.

In general Obagi-C Rx (POM) is best suited for people with more severe or stubborn hyperpigmentation or those with darker skin tones. Obagi-C Fx is ideal for people with milder skin discolouration or those with sensitive skin. Your doctor can advise you on which system would suit your needs best during your consultation.

Key Safety Information for Obagi-C Rx C-Clarifying Serum and C-Therapy Night Cream (containing 4% hydroquinone)

Main Active Ingredient: 4% hydroquinone.

Do Not Use If:

  • You have had previous allergic reactions or sensitivity to this product or any component of its formulation.
  • You are pregnant, breast feeding or planning to be.
  • This system is also not suitable for children under 12 years.

Important Notes:

  • Avoid getting the product in the eyes, nose, mouth or on the lips. If it happens, rinse the affected area immediately with water and consult with your doctor.
  • Using sunscreen is crucial during hydroquinone treatment, as even a little sun exposure can activate melanocytes and cause rebound hyperpigmentation.
  • This product contains sodium metabisulfite, a chemical that can cause certain allergic reactions. This may include potentially life-threatening symptoms or milder asthmatic reactions. While sulfite sensitivity is more common in asthmatics, its prevalence in the general population remains unknown. Patch test before first use to check for allergies and seek medical help straight away if any occur.

Potential Risks & Side-Effects:

The Obagi-C Rx system, boasts hydroquinone as a primary ingredient in the serum and night therapy lotion. Whilst it is safe and widely well tolerated, you should be alert to potential side effects. Some people might experience skin reddening, irritation, or a mild burning sensation which can be managed by altering your treatment protocol. There is also a risk of allergy which is higher in those with asthma or sulfite sensitivity. Paradoxically, while hydroquinone is used to lighten skin, its misuse can sometimes lead to hyperpigmentation. Sun exposure without adequate protection can worsen this. A rare side effect of hydroquinone over or misuse is ochronosis, where the skin develops a bluish-grey tinge.

Where Can I Get Obagi-C System in the UK?

There are a few ways you can get Obagi-C System in the UK depending on what type of treatment you need and your preferences. Some online skin clinics may offer this treatment to suitable patients either as the Obagi-C Rx or Fx system in the UK. All you need to do is complete our online consultation. Bricks and mortar aesthetic skin clinics may also offer this treatment to suitable patients after a face to face review with a medical practitioner. They can advise whether you can use the Fx or Rx system and order it for you. You would then need to attend follow ups in clinic for them to monitor your treatment. It is also possible to directly buy the Obagi-C Fx system online as it is not a prescription product. You can do this through a number of medical spas as well as online retailers. However, you should check that they are authorised to sell genuine Obagi products. This is because there are many counterfeit products on the market.

Are there any Obagi-C System Dupes or Alternatives?

The Obagi-C System is a high end treatment if used correctly and appropriately in our experience can provide great results. It is not cheap though! In the UK, Obagi-C system normally costs from £350 upwards depending on where you buy it and whether you are treated with the prescription version or not. Whilst it doesn’t have any exact dupes, you can easily find the same prescription and non prescription ingredients in many other products. The main components are an exfoliating acid (if you go with the dry or oily skin set), Vitamin C and Arbutin or Hydroquinone. Most of these (apart from Hydroquinone which is a prescription medicine) are common-place ingredients which you can easily find equivalents to. Additionally, practitioners often recommend adding a retinoid such as Retinol or Tretinoin to significantly enhance the results. You see retinoids speed up skin cell renewal and boost collagen production. When used with the Obagi-C System, they can potentially help fade hyperpigmentation and reduce visible signs of ageing like skin laxity and fine lines. As a result, this combined approach can amplify the anti-ageing, smoothing and skin brightening effects of treatment.

In our experience this system is good but it limits opportunities for personalisation which is necessary in conditions like melasma and hyperpigmentation. It also contains Vitamin C in almost every product which can be irritating for some people. As we have always advocated for a personalised approach, we have evolved to creating custom-made treatments using prescription strength ingredients for hyperpigmentation instead. This allows us to tailor each patient’s protocol to their skin type, concerns and goals. It also means we can provide a less expensive option and reduce the risk of side effects to better ensure you get good results.



    Our expert doctor will design a bespoke skincare treatment using our own custom hyperpigmentation formulations. The cost of the consultation will be deducted from any skincare purchase.


    Your doctor will work with you to design a custom hyperpigmentation formula to target your needs & goals.

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3-4 Months

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Frequently asked questions

No we do not. We have developed our own prescription-strength custom made formulas to give our patients greater control and personalisation. We used to provide treatment with Obagi-C and think its a great system but like any off-the-shelf product it is limited in terms of how much we can adapt it to meet patient's needs hence we developed our own.

This depends on the severity of your skin concern. Most people will need to use the Obagi-C system for 12-18 weeks. We do not recommend using Obagi-C Rx (POM) for more than 24 weeks at a time but you can use the Fx system for longer.

If used correctly, the products can last for the whole treatment period if treating mild to moderate concerns on the face and neck. If you need a more aggressive protocol or also want to treat the chest area, then you may need to re-purchase the serum and/or night therapy lotion after 8-12 weeks but this is rare.

This varies from person to person. However, many users start to notice visible improvements in as little as 6-8 weeks especially if used with a retinoid like Tretinoin. However you will need to use it for longer to build up and maintain the results. Optimal results are usually seen after 12 to 18 weeks of consistent use.

The system is designed for individuals looking to address signs of ageing, sun damage and uneven skin tone. It can work safely and effectively across all skin types and colours.

Some users might experience skin reddening, irritation, or a mild burning sensation. It's also essential to avoid sun exposure without adequate protection as the skin may become more sun-sensitive. If you have concerns about side effects, speak with your doctor.

Yes it is possible to use this system if you have sensitive skin but your doctor will need to design your protocol to reduce the risk of irritation.

Although the Obagi-C System is safe to use, we do not recommend using the Rx hydroquinone containing products for more than 24 weeks continuously. However, your doctor may advise you to take a break of 2-3 months and restart it if you need to build on your results. The Obagi-C Fx is safe to use in the long term. Despite this, we don't think you need to use the whole system after you get your results.

At the beginning it's generally not recommended to add anything other than retinol or tretinoin alongside this system. Mainly because you won't need anything else but also to avoid irritating your skin. However, as you move along your treatment journey your doctor may update your protocol to include any skincare treatments like hydrating serums, masks or LED devices that you normally use.

For the Rx system, you should be followed up regularly by a registered and trained doctor or nurse. They will check your progress, adjust your protocol and help you manage any side effects or problems.

No, you should be able to purchase individual items if they run out.