Obagi Exfoderm (Forte)

Obagi Exfoderm and Exfoderm forte are lightweight lotions that exfoliate the top layer of the skin. This removes dull and old skin to reveal new skin cells for a brighter and smoother complexion.

Obagi Exfoderm online

Obagi Exfoderm and Exfoderm Forte are lightweight skin smoothing lotions that exfoliate the top layer of the skin.

The Obagi Exfoderm & Exfoderm Forte remove dull and old skin to reveal new skin cells for a brighter and smoother complexion. Both products contain glycerin to soothe the skin and provide deep hydration to reduce irritation. It comes in two forms:

Obagi Exfoderm

This is best for dry or sensitive skin types. The key ingredient is 6% phytic acid, which is a gentler acid that’s responsible for exfoliating the skin.

Exfoderm Forte

Forte is better for oiler skin types, as it contains 6% glycolic acid and 4% and lactic acid. These alpha hydroxy acids deeply exfoliate the skin to reduce oiliness and blemishes.

How Can I get Obagi Exfoderm in the UK?

Its relatively easy to buy Obagi Exfoderm or Forte in the UK. You can get the products either separately or as part of the Obagi Nu Derm Kit. There are numerous authorised online skincare retailers and physical aesthetic clinics that offer Obagi products. If you buy it through a clinic, then the provider should be able to design a personalised protocol using Exfoderm and any other products that you have to help you achieve your goals. They can also recommend any other treatments such as retinoids that they think might be of benefit to you.

What is Obagi Exfoderm?

Obagi Exfoderm is a part of the famous Nu-Derm line of products that target skin ageing and hyperpigmentation. It is an exfoliating lotion that helps revitalise and renew the skin’s surface without irritating or drying it. This product aids in revealing a fresher and more radiant complexion by gently sloughing away the dead skin cells that can make skin appear dull or aged.

What does Obagi Exfoderm do?

Obagi Exfoderm helps promote natural skin turnover to promote the exfoliation of dead skin cells. The result is a smoother, brighter, and more even-toned skin appearance. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and smooths rough skin texture.

How does Obagi Exfoderm work?

Obagi Exfoderm is an acid exfoliator. It increases skin cell turnover and loosens the bonds between cells on the superficial layers of the skin. This helps accelerate the shedding of the topmost layer of dead skin cells to allow newer, healthier skin to emerge on the surface.

How to Use Obagi Exfoderm

The best way to use Obagi Exfoderm or Forte is in place of or after a toner in your skincare routine. Apply a thin layer to your clean dry skin on your face and neck once daily. Follow up with any serums or active products then moisturiser and sunscreen. Please note, if you are using it in a protocol with prescription skincare products, check with your doctor as they may adjust the frequency and order based on your treatment plan.

What’s The Difference Between Exfoderm Vs Exfoderm Forte?

Both products gently exfoliate the skin and can help give a smoother and more even toned complexion. However, there is a difference in their formulation that makes them better suited to certain skin types. The main exfoliant in Obagi Exfoderm is phytic acid. This makes it more suitable for people with dry or sensitive skin. In contrast, Exfoderm Forte contains glycolic and lactic acids as the main exfoliating agents. This makes it stronger and also better at treating oilier skin.

Can I use Obagi Exfoderm or Forte alone?

Yes, Obagi Exfoderm Forte can be bought and used as a stand-alone product. However, to get the most out of it you should used it as part of a regular skincare routine. This can be as part of a complete kit like the Obagi Nu-Derm system or in combination with other skincare products that play well with it. As a minimum you should use it as part of a skincare routine that contains a gentle cleanser, hydrating moisturiser and sunscreen.

What are the ingredients in Exfoderm?

Obagi Exfoderm mainly contains phytic acid for its exfoliating properties. Additionally, it includes other ingredients like water, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, and cetyl alcohol among others, which together create a product designed to moisturise, soothe and support skin health. For a complete list of ingredients, always refer to the product’s packaging or consult the manufacturer’s official documentation.

Are There Any Risks To Using Exfoderm?

Like all skincare products, there are potential risks associated with using Obagi Exfoderm and Forte. Most common side effects are mild and can include skin irritation, redness, dryness and peeling. These are most likely to happen when you first introduce it into your skincare routine. Some people might experience allergic reactions, which could present as intense itching, swelling or hives. That’s why you should review the ingredient list carefully to check if there is anything in there that you are allergic to. Also, always perform a patch test before using any new product. This will help identify any sensitivity or allergies.

Additionally, take care when using Exfoderm with other products that have exfoliating properties like peels or retinoids. This is because the combination may increase the risk of skin irritation. Sun sensitivity can also be increased with exfoliating products. So you must use daily sun protection. If you experience ongoing or severe side effects, it is best to stop using it and consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional. If you are using prescription skincare like Tretinoin, speak with your doctor as they will advise how to introduce Exfoderm into your routine without risking irritation.

Is It Suitable For Everyone?

In general, Obagi Exfoderm is designed to suit a wide range of skin types. However, that doesn’t mean everyone will tolerate or benefit from it. Whether it suits you and how you should use it largely depends on your specific skin concerns and if you have any skin problems. People with extremely sensitive skin, active skin infections or certain skin conditions might experience irritation or worsening of their condition. If you suffer from skin conditions like eczema, rosacea or ongoing redness, its best to consult a dermatologist or skincare professional before adding Exfoderm into your routine.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also seek advice from a medical professional before using any new skincare product. People with darker skin tones should also exercise some caution when using active products like exfoliating acids due to the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Whilst Exfoderm works well in all skin tones, if you have skin of colour you may need a gentler protocol. This is to help get your skin used to the product without risking irritation.

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