Dermal Filler Wrinkle Treatments

Smooth deep wrinkles and restore facial volume with our dermal filler wrinkle treatments in London. All our wrinkle fillers treatments are fully personalised to your face and performed by an expert doctor.

Expert Dermal Filler Wrinkle Treatments in London

As we age, we lose volume in the face. In addition, our skin becomes thinner and less pliable. Both these factors result in the appearance of wrinkles, lines and sagging of the face. Dermal filler wrinkle treatments can be used to smooth out deep wrinkles and folds in order to create a plump and more youthful appearance. Wrinkle fillers can also be used to restore lost volume in areas of the face like the cheeks or jawline in order to lift and define the face. We commonly use dermal fillers to also be used to enhance the cheeks and chin in order to contour your face.

At City Skin Clinic our mission is to provide expert, safe and effective aesthetic treatments which are personalised to each and every one of our clients. Choose our dermal filler wrinkle treatments if you would like:

  • Smooth deep lines and folds with Juvederm dermal filler wrinkle treatments
  • Natural looking results
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Treatment performed by expert aesthetic doctor
  • Detailed consultation and free follow-up appointment

Dermal Filler Wrinkle Treatments at City Skin Clinic

Our most popular dermal filler wrinkle treatments include nose to mouth (nasolabial) line fillersjowls and marionette line treatments and smoothing deep frown lines as well as forehead creases. We also combine dermal fillers with Botox anti-wrinkle injections to rejuvenate the mouth area. We do this by lifting the corners of the mouth and treating deep marionette lines and jowls. Additionally, we can smooth away smokers’ lines using botox and dermal fillers in order to define and refresh the mouth area.

CLINIC UPDATE: We’ve Moved Our Treatments Online!

We’re excited to announce that due to demand we’ve decided to focus on growing our online personalised skincare clinic. This means that we’re no longer able to provide treatments like dermal fillers. HOWEVER, the good news is that we are welcoming both new and existing clients to our online skin clinic. Our experienced aesthetic doctors will continue to provide the same high-quality care using premium skincare and hair loss treatments. We offer personalised prescription-strength treatments for acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma and anti-ageing treatments using powerful ingredients like Tretinoin where appropriate. You can expect to receive the same bespoke approach and dedicated aftercare that has become synonymous with City Skin Clinic. Better still, your entire journey towards great skin is from the comfort of your home. 

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Frequently asked questions

You can book a consultation online with one of our doctors. Firstly your doctor will record your medical history and discuss areas of concern and potential treatment options that would be appropriate for you. Then she will design a personalised facial rejuvenation plan tailored to your needs. Since our appointment times are generous, you can be sure that you will receive detailed advice on the most suitable treatment options for you. We will obtain your consent for the procedure if you wish to process and take pre-procedure photographs.

Yes, it is possible to have the treatment on the same day as the consultation provided that there are no medical contraindications and the treatment is appropriate for you. If you would like to do so please ensure you book a "consultation and potential treatment" appointment slot.

If you would like to proceed with the treatment, the doctor will apply numbing cream or a numbing injection to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure. When you are comfortable, your doctor will administer the dermal filler with a very fine needle. The doses used will vary depending on the desired result although we will decide with you beforehand how many syringes of filler will be required to treat a specific problem area(s). The beauty of dermal fillers is that the result is seen straight after injection. Hence you can immediately appreciate the effect. We use Juvederm dermal fillers for lip enhancement, wrinkle filling and facial contouring. For tear trough correction, we only use Teosyal Redensity II as it is the only filler licensed for under eye-filling. Please visit our products page for more information on the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers we use.

Although it varies between patients, it is normal to have swelling around the treated area. This swelling usually lasts for around a week (sometimes longer). As a result, we offer a free follow-up consultation within the first 4-6 weeks following your treatment. Additionally, we are happy to answer questions at any time by phone or e-mail.

The effects of Juvederm ultra fillers normally last up to 4 to 6 months depending on your skin, the type of area injected and type of filler used. Juvederm VOLUMA, VOLBELLA and VOLIFT can last up to 12 months and Teosyal redensity II under eye fillers generally last 8-12 months. If you want to maintain the effect then you will need further injections when the fillers wear off. If for some reason you are unhappy with the result, we can reverse the effect of dermal fillers using Hyaluronidase injection. This is a service that we provide for free should our patients ever require it.

Please note that you are paying for the treatment only and no guarantee is made of any outcome. Refunds cannot be given under any circumstances, as the product has been used and the service has been delivered.

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