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The fat compartments underneath your skin dictate the shape and fullness of the face. When volume loss occurs in the face (this is usually due to age), the cheeks and midface are two of the most obviously affected areas. Loss of facial and skin volume gives the appearance of hollow and sunken cheeks. Whilst there is nothing wrong with sunken cheeks, many people seek treatment. This is because fuller cheeks are associated with a more youthful and less tired appearance. Cheek enhancement can also help lift up the mid and lower face to reduce the appearance of sagging and wrinkling. Non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers permit plumping up of cheeks as well as contouring and sculpting for higher and better-defined cheekbones.


The main cause of sunken cheeks is the loss of facial volume due to ageing. Ageing causes diminishing fat compartment size which leads to the appearance of hollowness in the cheeks. Furthermore, ageing reduces the amount of collagen and elastic generated by the skin. This leads to thinner and less pliable skin which is more prone to wrinkling and sagging. Aside from ageing, other common causes for sunken cheeks include rapid weight loss and chronic illness. Of course, some people are also born with a greater disposition to having sunken cheeks or reduced facial volume in the first place.


Cheek enhancement is the process of sculpting or augmenting the cheeks by increasing the underlying volume. This can be performed through a number of processes which may aim to increase the thickness of the skin, tighten or lift sagging skin or by implanting a substance or implant underneath the skin to enhance volume. The result achieved depends on the technique used and the experience of your doctor. Cheek enhancement can yield fuller, smoother and more defined cheeks if performed correctly.


There are a number of treatment options for enhancing and augmenting your cheeks whilst maintaining a natural-looking appearance. At City Skin Clinic, these include:

At City Skin Clinic, we provide cheek enhancement using Juvederm dermal fillers as these enable us to restore volume, lift the midface and sculpt the cheeks. Many of our clients tend to combine these with tear trough fillers if they have volume loss around the eyes or Botox® as part of a bespoke face rejuvenation treatment. We also provide professional skin treatments in the form of chemical peels and collagen induction therapy which smooth out and thicken the skin on the face. These can be used alone or in combination with cheek fillers to restore lost volume to the midface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although you can't entirely stop the loss of cheek volume, there are many ways to slow down or minimise this effect. Since ageing, is the main cause of developing sunken cheeks and loss of facial volume, looking after your skin by effective cleansing, hydration and sun protection is an important place to start. Additionally, using retinol and Vitamin C help reduce skin thinning and wrinkling. Treatments which induce collagen production like chemical peels and microneedling will also help plump and firm up the skin. Other causes of sunken cheeks include rapid weight loss and so you should ensure that you reduce your weight in a controlled and managed way if you're planning to slim down.
The best treatment depends on the cause of your sunken cheeks. If the cause is volume loss then cheek enhancement with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers provides an effective way to volumise and sculpt the cheeks. Cheek fillers are non-invasive, provide immediate results and are temporary. If you would simply like to thicken and firm up the skin overlying the cheeks for a longer lasting solution, then consider a course of collagen induction therapy and peels. Surgery using fat injections or permanent cheek implants offer a more permanent solution although this is invasive, expensive and the results may be less flattering as you age. The best solution is to speak to an experienced and capable doctor who can provide you with options that are tailored to you and your face.
Dermal fillers are very effective at lifting, sculpting and contouring the cheeks. We can use them to replace lost volume if your problem is sagging or face flattening. At City Skin Clinic, we can also use cheek fillers to create high and well-defined cheekbones that are entirely suited to your overall face shape.
Although there are many different types of dermal fillers, at City Skin Clinic we prefer hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. This is because they are temporary, can be dissolved and have a high safety profile. They are also absorbed naturally by the body and last for 6-12 months. We favour Juvederm for cheek enhancement as it provides the right volume, flexibility and ability to sculpt hence allowing us to provide plumper, higher and well-defined cheekbones every time.