POSTED: 11 Feb 2018

The Secret To Gorgeous, Luscious Lips

A full, rounded pair of luscious lips is a highly coveted facial feature. Just like our brows, they easily make a statement. Wearing bright red lipstick brightens up the entire face and draws the attention towards your mouth. The popularity of Kylie Jenner’s signature pout has spawned an entire cosmetics line and has firmly put fuller and plumper lips back into the spotlight (not that they’ve really ever gone away).  There are hundreds of products on the market ranging from skincare, devices and makeup that all promise to enhance your lips. Of course, the advancements in dermal fillers has also provided the opportunity to definitively define and enhance the volume of your lips with little downtime. In this post, we will review the most popular and effective treatments to help you get the beautiful lips you’ve always wanted.

The Secret to Gorgeous, Luscious Lips

If you’ve read enough of our posts, you should know that we always start with skincare first! Getting gorgeous, luscious lips are no exception to this rule. First of all, commit to a lip care routine which should involve using a lip exfoliator or scrub every other day and using a lip balm with SPF daily (even under lip gloss or lipstick as it will also act as a primer). If you’re just looking to gently enhance the appearance and shape of your lips, use a lip balm with hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic acid will moisturize your lips and give the appearance of fullness due to how it will reflect the light and hydrate the skin on your lips. It will also smooth the appearance of wrinkles through hydrating and plumping up the skin on the lips.

How To Enhance Lips Using Lip Contour Makeup

When it comes to makeup, you’re rather spoilt for choice. There are many ways you can enhance the appearance of your lips. One very popular tip is lip contouring. First off, start with a lip liner to draw and define the outline of your lips. Shade the corners and outer edges of the lips as well as the centre with the lip liner. Apply a lipstick (the same shade as the liner) and blend into the lips lined areas. Finish off by applying highlighter 9or a lighter lip gloss) to the centre of the lips. This technique will help you achieve more defined and plumper looking lips every time. In the summer you can use a combination of lip balm, lip gloss and lip liner instead.

At Home Lip Plumpers

Lip plumpers have been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years. They work by stimulating blood flow to the lips which results in swelling and plumper looking lips. The effect is noticeable although the results tend to last for a short period. For this reason, they’re great if you want to enhance the appearance of your lips every now and again. They’re also useful if you want to see how your lips would look if you’re considering lip fillers.

First thing’s first though. Whatever, you do steer away from lip suction devices. These are little vacuum devices that go on the lip and increase blood flow. They can however cause bruising and wounds to lips so best avoided especially since there are other options. The best lip plumpers come as lip glosses or lip ointments. They usually contain ingredients like collagen or hyaluronic acid. These hydrate the lips and blood vessel stimulating serums in order to gently enhance the volume of the lips. One of the most popular lip plumping products is Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. It enhances the size of the lips whilst moisturising and hydrating them at the same time.

Lip Enhancement With Lip Fillers

There is, of course, a limit as to what lip care and lip makeup can achieve. Lip injections with lip fillers is a good option if you’re looking to define lips. They can also increase lip volume and work on any asymmetry. If done correctly, Lip fillers provide a more long-term solution. They are ideal if you don’t want to wear makeup or want a more significant result. The trade-off is that they involve lip injections and of course cost much more money than makeup and lip plumpers.

What Does a Lip Enhancement Procedure Entail?

Lip enhancement is one of the fastest growing facial procedures in the world. It’s quick, safe and tailored to each patient’s lip and face shape. Most dermal fillers are sterile, colourless gels made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance that gives elasticity, hydration and plumpness to the skin. Juvéderm®, our clinic’s partner in lip fillers, is an FDA-approved brand. Our lip fillers can lift your lips, add definition, smooth out lines and enhance volume for a hydrated and healthier look.

The Consultation For Lip Fillers

Before getting your lips enhanced with lip fillers, it’s important to discuss with your aesthetic doctor what kind of results you’re after. Bring anything helpful, including photos of how you like to apply your makeup or photographs of what your desired lip shape is. This does not mean that they will recreate this look for you but openness with your doctor is important in achieving the look you want. From here, your doctor will tell you if your desired results are suitable for your facial features and also suggest what may be better.

” A good doctor will be able to personalise lip fillers to suit you and also advise you on what is and isn’t achievable before you have the treatment. The goal of lip enhancement should always be to have a natural looking result which can only be achieved by designing the treatment around a person’s lips and considering their overall face shape” says Dr Ibrahim, founder of City Skin Clinic. At the consultation, you will also be able to discuss any concerns you have, treatment fees, possible side effects and follow up.

Post-Treatment Care

This is incredibly important and you should not have any invasive treatments if aftercare is not offered (which should be free of charge). You should be given clear instructions after the treatment about what to do and what to expect as well as how to reach out if you have any questions or problems. After the treatment, your lips will swell a little and this may be more dramatic the morning after the treatment. As such you should be advised to ice your lips when you get home and continue to do so the next few days until the swelling goes down. You should also be warned that if you had lip sores in the past, they may come back again as lip injections are interpreted as stressful events which cause cold sores to reactivate. Hence, your doctor may prescribe you medication to reduce the risk of this happening.

We firmly believe that beauty is a spectrum which starts with skincare and finishes with professional aesthetic treatments. For gorgeous looking lips, always start with a good lip care routine which will smooth and hydrate your lips making them look more youthful and fuller. There are many great skincare and makeup products including contouring and lip plumpers which can enhance the shape and size of your lips. Finally, lip fillers can more definitively boost the volume and appearance of your lips if performed properly and around 6-12 months. As always, the best solution depends on the result you’re after and how much time/money is at your disposal.

What next?

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City Skin Clinic is an aesthetic skin clinic based in London. It is our mission to provide expert lip enhancement procedures, giving you results you’ll love. To find out about how to achieve beautiful, luscious lips using lip fillers visit our website or book an appointment online.

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Dr Amel Ibrahim
Aesthetic Doctor & Medical Director
Founder City Skin Clinic
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
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