Advanced Clinical Facials

Our advanced clinical facials are designed around your skincare needs. Hence, whether you're preparing for an important event or looking to boost your skincare regime, we can formulate a clinical facial to tighten and brighten your skin. In addition our facials can also be used to target wrinkles, acne, scarring and pigmentation.

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Bespoke advanced Clinical Facials at City Skin Clinic in London

At City Skin Clinic we’ve developed our signature bespoke advanced clinical facial which is fully personalised to meet your skincare needs. As a result, our individualised approach allows us to design a facial which targets your specific concerns, renews the skin and produces an instantly healthy glowing complexion.

Who would benefit from this skin treatment?

Anyone looking to improve the appearance and boost the health of their skin would enjoy the effects of a bespoke advanced clinical facial. Hence we offer a detailed initial consultation to design a facial specifically for you. Due to this our Advanced Clinical Facials can be designed to target specific skin problems like acne, scarring, sun damage or ageing. Additionally, we also formulate our facials to improve texture, increase radiance and achieve younger looking skin.

What does an Advanced Clinical Facial involve?

Our advanced clinical facials start with a resurfacing glycolic chemical peel from Neostrata or glotherapeutics. This prepares your skin for delivery of a rich micronutrient cocktail specifically formulated for your skin’s needs. Finally, we complete the facial with an oxygenating mask to stimulate collagen production and blood flow to your face.

Do I have to use any specific skincare products?

You don’t have to buy any specific products. Although if you would like us to, we can provide a complimentary skincare assessment and design a fuss-free beauty regime for you. In addition, if you want to potentiate and maintain the effects of the advanced clinical facial, we recommend you use specialised bioactive cosmeceutical products.

Bespoke skin treatments offered by City Skin Clinic in London

We offer a range of bespoke skin treatments at our boutique clinics in London. First of all, our fully bespoke advanced clinical facials are a great way to boost the appearance and health of your skin without downtime. Furthermore, all our facials include the face and neck although we can also adapt these treatments for other parts of your body such as the back, legs or hands. Notably, we also provide personalised skin resurfacing chemical peels to regenerate skin. In addition, our collagen induction therapy combines derma roller microneedling and micromesotherapy to rejuvenate and refresh skin.

We also offer a number of skin enhancing and rejuvenating treatments including Botox anti-wrinkle injectionshyaluronic acid dermal fillers and lip enhancement. Also, don’t forget to visit our blog for the latest skincare tips and advice.

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    The consultation fee is taken off the cost of treatment performed at same time.


    The advanced facial is tailored to your specific skin assessment. It includes a resurfacing superficial chemical peel as well as a cocktail of bioactive serums and mask to smooth, brighten and hydrate your skin.

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Treatment Time
15 Minutes

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Duration of effect
3-4 Months

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Same Day

Frequently asked questions

This depends on your usual skincare routine. We may recommend adding skincare product(s) to maximise on the surfacing effects of the treatment if it is currently missing from your regime. These can be purchased through a number of online or high street retailers. As a minimum, you will need to use SPF50 after the treatment in order to protect the newly resurfaced skin.

An advanced clinical facial combines a skin refreshing superficial peel, bioactive serums and nourishing face mask. It's a great treatment to have if you have before an important event to quickly boost your skin. A skin refresher peel is a superficial chemical peel which helps refresh the skin with little downtime, this is a great treatment to have regularly if you wish to improve on your skin or maintain the effects of a medical peel. The medical peel is a stronger peel which targets major skin concerns and a course of treatment is generally needed to achieve the results you require which can then be followed by a lower strength peel every now and again to maintian.

The results of the advanced clinical facial can be seen straight away and this is a great refreshing treatment if you quickly want to boost your skin's appearance. If you wish to maintain the effects then you may wish to undergo this treatment regularly every 4-8 weeks or have a regular chemical peel depending on your skin concerns and aims.

Retinoids and other exfoliants can increase skin sensitivity and reactivity. If you are on prescription medications, we recommend that under the direction of your dermatologist or GP, you should have discontinued use for at least 6 months prior to any advanced clinical facial or chemical peel treatment.

Please note that you are paying for the treatment only and no guarantee is made of any outcome. Refunds cannot be given under any circumstances, as the product has been used and the service has been delivered.

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