Treatments for Men

City Skin Clinic offers treatments for men with wrinkles, excess sweating and skin problems that are designed specifically for males to ensure natural looking and effective results.

Professional Skin Treatments For Men

The number of men seeking professional skincare treatments is rising with many now seeing it as an extension of their wider grooming routine. These treatments are also relatively quick and don’t have any downtime. At City Skin Clinic we offer a range of effective and personalised treatments by experienced doctors specifically designed for men including:

As male faces can differ in structure to women, desired outcomes can also be different. That’s why we have developed a set of techniques and protocols to ensure natural-looking results. After a consultation with one of our doctors, a personalised treatment plan will be made for you. This will include suitable treatment options to give you the best results. Please visit our dedicated products page for further details on which brands we use. The general treatment pages have detailed information on the full range of services that we provide. Our skincare and beauty blog also has a number of tips and advice for achieving great skin for both men and women.

UPDATE: We’ve moved our treatments online!

We’re excited to announce that we have moved our skin boosting treatments online! This means that we’re no longer offerring aesthetic treatments. However, we are welcoming new and existing clients to our online skin clinic. Through this we offer personalised skin and hair loss treatments using prescription-strength actives like Tretinoin where appropriate for skin ageing, acne, hyperpigmentation and more! All under the care of our aesthetic skin doctors from the comfort of your home.

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