POSTED: 12 Feb 2018

Beauty Secrets… Hyaluronic Acid For Plump Fuller Lips

The desire for fuller lips is showing no sign of decreasing. More women and men (not just celebrities) have increasingly embraced this which has spawned a rise in lip plumping treatments. One particular treatment that has seen growth is hyaluronic acid for plump fuller lips. In this post, we’ve interviewed the founder of City Skin Clinic in London, Dr Ibrahim to find out what exactly it about fuller lips that make them so popular and how hyaluronic acid lip fillers can be used to create plumper lips.

Is It Just A Trend Or Are Fuller Lips Here To Stay?

The lips are an important component of the smile. Fuller lips have always been popular and psychologically we associate lip shape as well as volume with personality.  In both men and women, fuller lips are associated with generosity and sensuality. This isn’t a trend and has been the case throughout history. Additionally, more defined and fuller lips are also associated with youthfulness because as we age we tend to lose volume from our lips. What is a trend, however, is the desire for overly plump and defined lips regardless of age or your other facial features. This is usually combined with dramatic eye makeup and provides a general doll-like effect. This look can work very well for some people and in particular younger women (a good example is Kylie Jenner’s lips). The majority of men and women that we see are usually more interested in enhancing their lip shape and volume but want an overall natural looking result. What this means is tailoring hyaluronic acid lip filler treatment to their natural lip shape as well as the rest of their face.

How Can Hyaluronic Acid Give Plump Fuller Lips?

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin and provides support as well as plumpness. Recently, there have been a number of hyaluronic acid skincare and lip plumping products that you can buy and use at home. First of all, hyaluronic acid provides hydration to the lips to give the appearance of smoother and firmer lips (it is particularly useful in those with wrinkles or fine lines around the lips). Lip plumpers are available as balms and lip glosses which increase blood flow to the lips. This causes the lips to swell and hence look fuller. The advantage of both of these treatments is that they are relatively inexpensive and non-invasive. They are however limited in the volume that they can increase your lips and of course last for a short period of time (usually hours) before a further application is needed. They are very good if you want a modest enhancement of your lips or are just curious to see how you might look with slightly fuller lips. The most popular use of hyaluronic acid is still lip filler injections. These injections can be used to define the lips, correct asymmetry and increase lip volume. They last around 6-12 months but can be dissolved if you don’t like the effect. The drawback is that they are professional treatments and should be performed in a medical setting to minimise risks or complications. For obvious reasons, they also cost more than at home remedies but the effect is much more impressive.

Is It Possible To Get Natural-Looking Fuller Lips With Hyaluronic Acid Lip Fillers?

Lip filling and augmentation using injectables like Juvéderm® hyaluronic acid lip fillers can provide natural-looking results in the right hands. These lip injections can be used to define the lips. You can also use lip fillers to shape the lips in order to correct any asymmetries, enhance or reduce particular aspects of the lips such as the cupid’s bow or philtrum. The body of the lip can also be injected in order to augment the lips, increase the volume and hence create plump and fuller lips. One of the many advantages of lip fillers is that you can also treat the area around the mouth. This can be used to treat wrinkles around the mouth (smoker’s lines) or support the corners in the mouth if there are signs of drooping or lines. In experienced hands, hyaluronic acid lip fillers can be very natural-looking (I always say that people should notice the effect but won’t know that you’ve had fillers). The only way to achieve this is by being conservative with the amount of filler (less is more), using the correct type of filler and by taking into consideration the whole face.

City Skin Clinic offers Juvéderm® hyaluronic acid lip filler treatments that are completely personalised. Our treatments are tailored to suit each patient’s features to give you plump, natural-looking and fuller lips. For more information about our dermal fillers and other services, feel free to explore our full range of aesthetic treatments or book an appointment using our online booking system.

What next?

If you have any questions about hyaluronic acid or dermal fillers please leave a comment below. Also let us know if there are any topics you’d like us to cover in our fuss-free beauty blog.

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Authored by:

Dr Amel Ibrahim
Aesthetic Doctor & Medical Director
Founder City Skin Clinic
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Associate Member of British Association of Body Sculpting GMC Registered - 7049611

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