POSTED: 18 Oct 2022

Botox For Men: All That You Need To Know 

Botox has for too long been seen wrongly as a treatment mainly for women who are looking to reduce the signs of ageing and sculpt or reshape their face. This perception has changed in recent years as more men choose to undergo the treatment for the same wrinkle-fighting, face sculpting and confidence-boosting benefits. There is also no longer a stigma associated with cosmetic injectables with more male celebrities opening up about having these treatments. The latest being Joe Jonas who is now a brand ambassador for Xeomin, a competitor to Botox

A recent survey of cosmetic surgeons showed that there was a 70% increase in men requesting video consultations in 2020. Some of this charge appears to be led by the pandemic, as people of all genders try to find ways to look their best, even on video calls. At City Skin Clinic, we have seen a steady increase every year in men getting Botox and dermal fillers treatments with male patients making up 30% of our client list. 

If you’re a man who has considered getting Botox injections, then you are certainly not alone. There are many reasons for the increase in the popularity of Botox for men. This post will explore some of these reasons, including the best Botox options for different concerns, what you can expect from your treatment, and the results and potential side effects.

Why Is The Popularity Of Botox For Men On The Rise? 

There are a number of reasons why more men are getting cosmetic treatments. One of the simplest is there is an increase in information and availability of these treatments. Also, whereas in the past clinics used female-targeted marketing, in recent times there has been greater inclusivity in the promotion of aesthetic treatments. 

Another key factor is that the male grooming and self-care market has bloomed over the last decade and alongside that has been a greater interest in professional skin and cosmetic treatments as an extension of this. For some of our male clients, Botox and other injectables can also boost their self-confidence. Often those with high-powered careers often report getting these treatments to look more rested, in control which can help them with career progression.

As is the case for many women who choose Botox and injectables, social media may also play a role in the rise of popularity of Botox for men. On the positive side of this has been greater information and awareness regarding treatment options and safety. Brands have also been able to showcase how Botox treatments can look in male patients and the differences in treating masculine faces. 

Unfortunately, there are also some negative reasons for more men seeking Botox. Social media also provides us with constant opportunities to compare ourselves to idealised versions of others online. This can result in lowered self-image, which in turn leads men and women to consider treatments like Botox. Beyond that in the past male celebrities have been reluctant to admit to having these treatments which added to the stigma. 

In previous years, it was less acceptable for men to care about their appearance or care about their beauty regime. Attitudes towards this are changing, and as a result, many men feel comfortable and confident seeking out treatments like Botox that can help them feel happier in their skin. The rise in personalised treatments and practitioners who cater to male faces also helps alleviate fears about looking unnatural or overly feminised.

The reasons for men getting Botox can vary, and in addition to cosmetic results, you may consider Botox to help with things like jaw clenching, headaches or even excessive sweating. For those looking for a cosmetic result through anti-wrinkle injections, the most popular injection sites include: 

  • The corners of the eyes reducing crow’s feet
  • Between the eyebrows for frown lines
  • The forehead
  • Gummy smile
  • Pebbled chin
  • Non-surgical brow lift
  • Non-surgical neck lift

How Does Botox Work? 

Botox will be injected into the targeted areas by your doctor. Botox works by blocking nerve signals to target muscles that control when your muscles contract and relax. In keeping the muscles relaxed, Botox stops them from pulling on the skin and hence smoothing out lines and wrinkles. The effects are not permanent and usually fade within 3-4 months, meaning you will need to undertake follow-up treatments to continue seeing the same results. However, this non-invasive procedure with no downtime and is painless. 

What To Expect From Your First Botox Treatment 

Your first treatment will begin with a consultation where you can discuss your requirements with your doctor and ensure that you’re choosing the right Botox treatment for you. They will also tailor the treatment plan and dosages to ensure that you get a personalised result that suits your face and goals. During the procedure, your doctor will numb the area using a topical cream and will then use a thin needle to inject the Botox into the areas for treatment. 

The needle is so thin most people won’t feel anything at all throughout the procedure. After the procedure, you will usually be advised to lie still for a few hours to let the Botox settle. Results from the procedure should last between three and four months. 

Botox For Men Before And After 

There are many benefits that you will see when using Botox, depending on the reason you’re getting the treatment. Your overall appearance will be more youthful, and you will see the minimisation of key concerns like wrinkles and fine lines. Some of the most common and profound benefits include: 

  • A more youthful appearance 
  • Quick results 
  • Relief from medical complaints such as neck spasms, clenching jaws, sweating or headaches
  • Improved confidence 
  • Non-invasive
  • Quick recovery

Another huge benefit to Botox for men is that the treatment is not permanent, unlike other options such as face lifts or other surgical interventions. If you decide you aren’t happy with your Botox, you will just need it to wear off which usually takes 3-4 months.  

Botox Side Effects 

Although Botox is a safe treatment if performed by a qualified and experienced medical practitioner, there are still some side effects you should be aware of. Some of the most common side effects include: 

  • Minor swelling and bruising 
  • Mild headache 
  • Dry eyes 
  • Flu-like symptoms 

These are usually short-lived and are not cause for concern. If you are worried, you should talk to your doctor for the best peace of mind. There are also some more concerning side effects, though these are very rare in the hands of a skilled practitioner. These depend on where Botox is injected and can include loss of muscle control, slurred speech, droopy eyes, asymmetry and blurred vision. If these occur, you should contact your doctor immediately.  

Botox For Men Cost 

Botox for men can cost anywhere from £100 to £400 in London on average. The cost will depend on the area treated and the number of units of Botox needed as well as the skill of the practitioner and the complexity of the area. It is crucial to note that quality care and service often come with an increased price tag, so you should avoid the temptation to compromise quality for cost. The most reputable Botox providers will offer excellent aftercare and the most qualified doctors, so it is well worth paying for the best treatment you can afford.  

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