POSTED: 3 Jun 2018

Sunday Vibes | Melissa Alatorre, Ice & More…

Summer is finally here! We’re really looking forward to replenishing our Vitamin D stores, experimenting with our favorite summer beauty looks and generally enjoying the glorious sunshine! In this edition of Sunday vibes, we’re celebrating summer beauty by introducing you to one of our favorite YouTubers, Melissa Alatorre. We also have some fabulous beauty and health tips (involving ice) to get you through the warm season. So sit back and enjoy an iced coffee with today’s edition of Sunday vibes.

YouTube Beauty Channel To Check Out

We’ve been fan-girling over Melissa Alatorre for quite some time now. The first generation Mexican-American self-taught makeup artist took the beauty video world by storm in 2015 when she started uploading easy to follow expert beauty tutorials. Her fun laid back style quickly amassed her 250K followers in her first year alone.

Melissa’s videos are beautifully created with the odd amusing interruption from her partner, an unexpected phone message or her adorable husky. She is of course stunningly beautiful but delivers makeup hints and tips for generally creating natural makeup looks that enhance rather than change your appearance. Her relaxed signature no makeup-makeup looks are perfect for the Summer. We’re particularly keen on the “boy beat” for an easy everyday go to look and “no makeup” makeup tutorials. Follow her on YouTube or Instagram (@alatorreee).

Hair & Skincare Tip To Try

Ice is generally considered an essential for Summer in our office! What’s that got to do with beauty you ask? Everything! A long-term celebrity secret, ice facials have been in the mainstream consciousness for a year or so now. Whilst it may sound like a fad, this is actually one cheap and easy beauty tip that you’ll find works amazingly on your skin. Whether its breakouts, redness, puffiness or dullness a well-placed ice cube or ice pack can help.

For a general glowy complexion that screams summer ready, start by double cleansing your face, exfoliate with your favorite skin specific product and apply your preferred serum cocktail. Wrap an ice cube in some gauze and glide it across your face and neck for 5 minutes for revitalized and dewy looking skin.

Whilst dunking your hair in ice water isn’t something we would recommend, there are many ways that ice or cool water can help with your hair care. Firstly, if you pluck your eyebrows then icing the area with an ice cube beforehand will reduce pain and redness for perfectly groomed brows. For the hair on top of your head, try to finish your hair washing step with a blast of cold water. This will seal the hair follicles and prevent oil from being stripped off your scalp. It also stimulates blood flow and helps improve hair growth, scalp health and even make your hair appear shinier.

Makeup Technique To Practice

We’ve always been big on the no-makeup makeup look and in the spirit of this combined it with our passion for discovering hot new beauty brands. Check out our review and guide to Fenty beauty and how we used the products to make the perfect fuss-free beauty look. The secret is to enhance what you already have and remember that makeup only works best when your skincare is at its peak.

Beauty Guide To Read

We have a heart-warming piece from one of our team on her journey dealing with adult hormonal acne. If you’re a sufferer, or just curious, it’s definitely an uplifting read.

Self Inventory

Balancing life, work and everything in between can be hard without sometimes feeling overwhelmed. It is easy to put coping with problems until its no longer possible to ignore them. It doesn’t have to be this way though. We finished our “life spring clean series” which deals with three key areas of life – health, wealth and happiness. These topics are intertwined and in general, we discuss how small changes and understanding your unique situation can help you take positive steps to taking control of each of these.

Sneak Peek At The Coming Week In Beauty

So you’re in for a treat! We’re going to be putting up a blog post a day every day for the next month. Look forward to more on beauty, lifestyle, career and social commentary from us! If there’s anything you would like us to cover or just want to say hi or tell us what you think, please leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you!! In the mean time, don’t forget to top up your sun screen and look after your skin as summer sets in.

What next?

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Authored by:

Dr Amel Ibrahim
Aesthetic Doctor & Medical Director
Founder City Skin Clinic
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Associate Member of British Association of Body Sculpting GMC Registered - 7049611

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